Legend of Bojonegoro Regency

Legend of Bojonegoro Regency

Legend of Bojonegoro Regency

Legend of Bojonegoro Regency

       Long time ago in the northern of Mount Kendeng, there was a kingdom called Malowopati Kingdom. The kingdom  was ruled by Prabu Anglingdarma. He was a wise and rich king. His face was handsome. He liked to meditate and wander in search of enlightenment of the soul. No wonder if he was as a king who was respected by friends and opponents because of his strength and supernatural powers. Prabu Anglingdarma was also blessed with the gift to understand and know the language of all animals. (Also read : History of Blitar City)

When Anglingdarma was young, he loved to wander. Many countries have been visited. All that he did to add insight, knowledge, and life experiences.

“I will not take a wife except the incarnation of Dewi Widowati,” he said to himself. Anglingdarma continued to wander, following his heart.

One day, he met a beautiful girl wearing a purple silk scarf, velvet flower, and silk kebaya.

“Hi, What’s your name?” Anglingdarma asked.

The girl did not answer. She blushed, then left Anglingdarma.

“Hi girl, don’t you want to meet me?” Anglingdarma asked as he followed her from behind.

He looked even more anxious. He pinched the girl.

“My brother, help me!” the girl shouted.

Suddenly, the handsome young man who was almost the same age as Anglingdarma came.

“Hi, Boy, What’s your name?” Asked the young man.

“My name is Anglingdarma. What’s your name?”

“My name is Batikmadrim.” He answered.

“A good name,” Anglingdarma said. (Also read other article at : Revolution of Leader)

“Are you this girl’s husband?” continued Anglingdarma.

“No. I’m not her husband.”

“Then what is your relationship with that girl?”

“He is my sister,” said Batikmadrim.

Anglingdarma smiled as if he did not believe Batikmadrim’s words.

“O, huh? Is it really your sister?”

“Right, she’s my sister.”

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“I’ve never lied to anyone.”

“I’m sorry if I teased your brother before. You need to know too, I actually love your sister.”

“What? Do you love my sister? Have you thought about your words?”

“Yes, I really love her!”

“You may love my sister as long as you can defeat me!” said Batikmadrim.

“This young man is arrogant!” murmured Anglingdarma.

“How? You dare to serve my challenge?”

“Alright, I accept your challenge!”

A moment later, both of them had been involved in a fight in using their magic. Finally, Anglingdarma defeated Batikmadrim.

“How is Batikmadrim? Have you accepted your defeat?”

“Yes, I accept your victory over me. Therefore, I am willing to serve you.”

Anglingdarma was touched by the honesty and loyalty of Batikmadrim.

“Batrimadrim,Do know who I really am? I am the king of Malowopati Kingdom.”

“Oh, Your Majesty, forgive me. I really don’t know. Once again, please forgive me for my impudence.”

“Never mind Batikmadrim. Actually I know who you are. Therefore, I have forgiven you before. I feel proud of your courage and faithfulness that I will accept. And I will raise you as chief minister of Malowopati Kingdom.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I want to dedicate to our kingdom and the fragrance of your name.”

“O, What is your sister’s name?” Asked Anglingdarma. (Also read other article at : Teknik Start Melayang Dalam Lomba Lari)

“My sister, you are asked by the King. Please answer happily.” Said Batikmadrim.

“Isn’t the question asked you? You just answered.” Said the girl to Batikmadrim.

“His name is Dewi Setyowati, Your Majesty,” said Batikmadrim.

“What do you think if I take her as my wife?”

“Sorry, Your Majesty. Preferably, You would like to propose to her at the Ramanda Resi.”

Anglingdarma followed the advice of Batikmadrim. They then met Ramanda Resi in the hermitage.

Arriving at the hermitage, the Ramanda Resi welcomed Anglingdarma with pleasure. When Anglingdarma conveyed his intention to propose Dewi Setyowati, Ramanda Resi blessed Anglingdarma to bring her daughter, Dewi Setyowati.

Prabu Anglingdarma’s wedding party with Dewi Setyowati took place lively. The longer their love also increased.

One night, two lizards engaged in intimate conversation.

“Hi, female lizard! Look at Prabu Anglingdarma and Dewi Setyowati. They are a matching couple. I think I want to be like them!” said the male lizard.

“Male lizard, don’t be foolish! There’s no way we can become a human!” said female lizard.

Anglingdarma who heard the conversation between the two lizards burst into laughter. Dewi Setyowati was shocked to be made. She felt offended by Anglingdarma’s actions.

“Why are laughing alone? Are you laughing at me?” asked Dewi Setyowati.

“No! I’m not laughing at you, my wife. But, look at the two lizards on the wall!” Anglingdarma said.

“What’s wrong with the two lizards?”

“They envy us!”

“How do you know, they are jealous of us?”

“I know their language, even all animal languages ​​in this world.”

“Oh, Your Majesty. Then please, teach me so that I know their language like you.”

“Forgive me my wife. I cannot fulfil your request because this knowledge cannot be known by anyone including you except myself.”

“Now I know. You don’t love me anymore.”

“Don’t say that.”

“The proof, You don’t want to teach me the language of the animal. Oh, Your Majesty. If you still don’t allow me to master the language of animals, it is better for me to die by entering a fire. It is no use I live if I can’t feel happy like Your Majesty, “said Dewi Setyowati scaring Anglingdarma.

Anglingdarma gave understanding, counseling and reminded Dewi Setyowati. However, Dewi Setyowati remained in her position to die by entering a fire. Finally, Anglingdarma reluctantly received Dewi Setyowarti willingness to die by entering a fire.

All the equipment that Dewi Setyowati wanted to use to die on fire was prepared. The holy brahmins surrounded the fireplace while praying that the spirit of Dewi Setyowati would be saved by the Great Supreme.

When the fire had blazed, Dewi Setyowati jumped into the fire. Even though her body was burned, her spirit was saved by the Great Hyang and later she could drip into the main woman who would became Anglingdarma’s wife.

Even though Dewi Setyowati had died on fire, her purity was maintained. Anglingdarma called her the ” Bojo Negoro” or Bojonegara, meaning ‘a loyal lover’. Dewi Setyowati was not only Anglingdarma’s loyal wife, but she had become a Bojo Negoro (Javanese words, Bojo=wife, Negoro=State), it meant “Wife of State” or Bojonegoro.

The END story of the Legend of Bojonegoro Regency

       That’s all the story of the Legend of Bojonegoro Regency we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of the Legend of Bojonegoro Regency above can entertain us. (Also read other article at : Soal UTS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 7 Semester 1)

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