Legend of Bandung

Legend of Bandung

Legend of Bandung

Legend of Bandung

       Once upon a time in the area of Pasundan, on the outskirts of the Citarum River, there was an old man who was famous for having the magic power. His name was Empu Wasesa. He lived with his beautiful daughter named Sekar. (Also read : Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate)

       Besides Sekar, Empu Wisesa had two students. Their names were Jaka and Wira. He found them when they were still babies in a village that was falling apart due to the volcanic eruption of Tangkuban Perahu which until then the lava still often endangered the surrounding area. The two babies were then taken home, treated and taught science by Empu Wisesa.

       Despite having the same teacher, Jaka and Wira had different temperaments. Jaka was handsome, he liked to play and he was good at talking, even though he was smart, but because of his character that made things easy, he was far behind Wira who diligently looked for knowledge and the essence of life.

       These different qualities did not make them both far apart, they were like two brothers who helped each other and shared secrets. But there was one thing they did not express to each other, about their feelings towards Sekar, their teacher’s daughter.

       Jaka first conveyed his intentions to propose Sekar to Empu Wisesa, because he was good at taking his teacher’s heart, Empu Wisesa without asking for his daughter’s approval, immediately agreed to Jaka’s proposal. He thought Sekar also liked Jaka who was handsome and sociable. (Also read other article at : Behave Worthy Based on Faith)

       The next day Empu Wisesa called Sekar and then expressed his desire to marry her to Jaka. Sekar was good and devoted daughter, but only this time Sekar denied her father, she rejected Empu Wisesa’s wishes, she said that she loved Wira and only wanted to marry Wira. This made Empu Wisesa upset, whereas he had promised to marry her with Jaka. To be fair he then made a contest.

       “Well, I will only marry Sekar with people who can extinguish the Tangkuban Perahu’s hot lava,” Empu Wisesa said.

       Jaka felt that it was impossible, it was impossible to extinguish the hot lava that it had been around for centuries. But in front of Empu Wisesa he agreed and claimed he wanted to wander in getting knowledge to extinguish lava, however, he only did spree and even played to girls.

       Meanwhile Wira, was thinking hard to find out how to win the contest. Diligently every day he circled the vast basin formed by the hot lava, he knew only water could defeat fire, but where he could get that much water. A year passed but he had not found a way until one day he saw an otter making a dam from tree branches.

       “Wow, what if I stem the Citarum river so that the water can extinguish the hot lava” he thought to himself.

       Calculating Wira began to implement the idea, first he evacuated humans and animals in the lava basin so that it would not drown them by water. Then by using supernatural power gotten from Empu Wisesa, he tore down a hill with his hands, so that the land and rocks dammed the river water. Over time the water began to pool, the hot lava became cold and the basin turned into a vast lake, people called the area “Lake Bandung”.

       After successfully passing the exam given by Mpu Wisesa, he then went home and applied for Sekar. Mpu Wisesa was very happy, his student proved to love his only daughter, and prevented disasters that could arise from the hot lava. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Proses Terjadinya Puting Beliung)

       Shortly afterwards they held a festive wedding party, attended by all residents around it. Meanwhile, there was no news about Jaka anymore.

       After years of Wira & Sekar blessed with many children and grandchildren, meanwhile the dam created by Wira began to collapse due to high water discharge. Over time the water in the lake started to dry up, the soil became fertile and loose. Finally they moved there, they did not forget to invite the surrounding people to stay there.

       Over time the area became crowded and visited by travelers, because the lake was no longer there, they then called it Bandung. According to the myth, the native inhabitants of Bandung came from the descendants of Wira and Sekar. The name of “Bandung” originated from the word “Bendung” or “Bendungan” made by Wira to quell the hot lava of Tangkuban Perahu.

The END story of Legend of Bandung

       That’s all the story of the Legend of Bandung we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of the Legend of Bandung above can entertain us. (Also read other article at : UAS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 11 Semester 2)

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