King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave

King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave

King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave

King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave 

        Abunawas who lived in the village in the area of Harun’s kingdom often got prize from the king because of his smartness. However, for these weeks he did not have money. He needed money to buy food. So, he tried to find much money by going to another village to find work. He had gone some places, knocking at every door. But still no­body wanted to hire him. He was very tired and rested under a shady tree. (also read : Impossible the Sun in Pail)

        Because of exhaustion, he was soon asleep. Suddenly two strong hands grabbed his arms and a strong voice said, “Hey get up a lazy man!” the two strong hands pulled Abunawas to wake him up. “You must help us in our farm,” said another voice. Before Abu could say a word, the two strong men had already dragged Abunawas off to their farm.

       They walked for some time before arrived in a large farm. They brought Abu to a big strong man with an earring at one of his ear (the big strong man seemed to be the owner of the farm). “You’ll work here until noon tomorrow. We’ll give you a little food and drink. If you work slowly or lazily, we’ll give you a whip on your back.” 

        Abunawas worked hard and felt very tired. He suddenly got a good idea. He approached the strong man with an earring. “Excuse me, Sir,” said Abunawas. (Also read other article at : Illustration of Love)


        “You see that I am a small man. I can’t work fast. If I give you a very strong man who can work three times harder and faster than me, will you let me go?” said Abu again.

        The strong man was interested in Abunawas’ offer. He agreed to let Abunawas go home. 

      “Remember, if you cheat me, I will find you and you’ll have to work here the whole day without any food or drink.”

      “No, I won’t cheat you,” said Abu. “Tomorrow, at noon, you’ll find a man right under the tree where your two men picked me up this morning. He’ll be yours.” (Also read other article at : Imajinasi Menggoda Ketenangan Hati)

        Abunawas then went home and after resting a moment, he directly went to the palace to meet the king Harun Al-Rasyid.

      “What bring you here, Abu?” asked the king after Abunawas was in front of him. 

“Your Majesty, yesterday I went to our neighboring village and enjoyed very beautiful music. If you are interested in, I can take you there and you can enjoy it yourself. But, there is one condition.”

“What is it, Abu?” asked the king who was so interested in music.

“You have to dress like farmers.”

“No, problem, I will do like that” said the king.

The following day, at about noon, Abunawas and the king Harun Al-Rasyid came to the shady tree. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Mengidentifikasi Paragraf)

      “I don’t hear anything, Abu,” said the king when they had arrived at the shady tree.

      “Just be patient, Your Majesty. It was at noon when I heard the music. So, let’s wait for a couple of minutes.”

        The breeze blew gently on their face. The king became sleepy and finally he fell asleep. At that moment Abunawas walked away quietly.

        Soon after Abunawas disappeared, there came two farmers approaching the sleeping king. They dragged the king to their master. Of course they did not know that they were dragging their king, for he wore farmer clothes. The master (he also didn’t know that that the man was his king) said the same thing to the king as he said to Abunawas the day before.

        The king worked hard and fast because he did not want to get a whip on his back. He was very angry to both Abu and those savage people. But he could not do anything at that time.

       The following day they let the king off exactly at noon. The king went back to the palace right away and ordered the guard to bring Abunawas to him. When Abunawas was in front of him, he said angrily, “How dare you do that to me! I’ll punish you!”

        Abunawas knew that King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave was because of his trick. It made the king was angry.

      “Wait a moment, Your Majesty!” said Abunawas calmly. “Please forgive me, but if I had not let you know by yourself everything that happened there, you would not believe me. Now you have seen and experienced everything yourself. At least now you know that not all your people are good people. Some are savage and cruel like those farmers in the neighboring village.”

      The king nodded slowly and then smiled.

      “You’re right, Abu! Because you have given real and important information, so I give you some food for some days as your consumption. “

      “Thank you, your majesty.” Said Abunawas and he directly went home happily.

The end story of King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave

        That’s all about the story of King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave we can share. We hope the story of King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave can amuse us. (also read : THE LEGEND OF GOLD SNAIL)

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