King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader

King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader

King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader

King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader

      Once upon a time there was a battle between the soldiers of the king Tsar and the rebels. the battle was getting hard. Finally, however, the Tsar king’s soldiers could beat the rebels and arrested the leader of rebel and his rest soldiers and they were thrown into the kingdom jail. (Also read : Woodcutter Keep Secret)

      Knowing that the rebel leader had been taken prisoner by the king, Lucia, the daughter of the rebel leader directly went to the palace to meet the king for begging so that her father could be made free by the king and she promised that her father would not be rebelling anymore.

      When king Tsar knew she was a very beautiful girl, he looked at her with mixed feelings. He was falling in love to her, however, he was also very angry of her presumption on begging free of her father. (Also read other article at : ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU)

      “I will free your father, and what’s more I will marry you,” he said to her, “If you are able to solve my riddle. If you fail, your father will die and you be forced to marry my stable boy.”

      “I agree, Your Majesty,” said the girl, “what is the riddle?”

      The king then said, “You have to come back to me neither dressed nor naked, neither on foot nor on horseback, neither with gifts nor without gifts.”

      “I will try, Your Majesty.” Replied the girl. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Seni Musik)

      The girl went away and thought hard. Finally, she got good ideas. The next day she came before the King wearing only a thick leather of animal, so that she was neither dressed nor naked. She was riding on the back of a big ox, so that she was neither on foot nor on horseback. In her hands she had a dove, which she released in the King’s presence, so that she had come neither with a gift nor without a gift.

       The King, who admired clever people as much as he admired brave ones, kept his word. He freed the rebel leader and married his beautiful young daughter. The girl was finally as consort of the king.

      That’s all the story of King and Daughter of a Rebel Leader. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Abunawas Berjalan diatas Egrang)

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