Kinds of Narrative Text

Kinds of Narrative Text

Kinds of Narrative Text

Kinds of Narrative Text

      After discussing definition, generic structure and language feature of Narrative Text in previous post, now we want to continue discussing about Narrative Text. In this case we want to discuss about some Kinds Text of Narrative, they are:

1. Myth

      A traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people.  A story of great but unknown age which originally embodied a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; an ancient legend of a god, a hero, the origin of a race, etc.; a wonder story of prehistoric origin; a popular fable which is, or has been, received as historical. (Also read : Banana Tree an Example of Report Text)                                                                                                   

Example of Myth :

  • The Story of Batara Kala Swallowed Sun
  • The Myth Of Malin Kundang

2. Legends

      Legends also stories that have been made, but they are different from the myth. myth reply questions about the workings of nature, and is set in a time long ago, before written history. Legend of the people and the actions or deeds. People are living in a more recent and is mentioned in history. Stories submitted for the purpose and is based on the facts, but they do not really exist. (Also read other article at : My Weakness in the Dark)

Example of Legends :

  • The Story of Crying Stone
  • The Story of Toba Lake
  • The Legend of Surabaya

3. Fables

      Fables are about animals that can talk and act like a man, or a plant or forces of nature such as lightning or wind. Plants may be able to move and speak and natural forces cause things to happen in the story because of their strength.

Example of Fables :

  • The Story of Crocodile and Mouse deer
  • The Wolf And The House Dog

4. Fairy Tales

      Fairy tales are stories written specifically for children, often about magical characters such as elves, fairies, goblins and ogres. Sometimes animal characters. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Sistem Pencernaan)

Example of Tales :

  • The Story of Mermaid
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

      We think that’s all our post about some Kinds of Narrative Text we can share for this occasion. Actually there are some other else of Kinds of Narrative Text but in this case we only post four kinds of it as we discussed above. We hope that the post above can add our knowledge about Narrative Text. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Doa Penjual Daging)

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