Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination

Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination

Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination

      One more destination place we want to share in this occasion, in this case we want to share a place in Gunung Kidul regency. It is Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination Alternative. This village can be one of alternative tourism destination when we want to spend our holidays in Gunung Kidul regency. (Also read : Beauty of Cave or Goa Gelatik)

      Kemuning tourism village is located in Sub-Village of Kemuning, Bunder Village, Sub-District of Patuk, Gunung Kidul Regency, province of Yogyakarta. It is 200 meters above sea level with 25 hectares broad of settlement area and 90.37 Hectares of the whole broad. The name of Kemuning is taken from the name of the tree that is related to the village naming. It was built by Mbah Reso Wijoyo and now it has been already eight descendants who live there.

      This village is located in the area of hills. Along the way to go to this place, we can enjoy the beautiful view with the green trees along the road. Eucalyptus trees dominantly grow in this place.

      There are some objects of Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination that we can enjoy during our visiting to Kemuning village. They are Kemuning Waterfall, Ngeboran Waterfall, Petung Waterfall, Evangelism Tracing, Mysterious Tomb, The Mystery of the Bride, Winong Wood, Natural Baths, Gong Stone, and others.

      You can get them all by paying a package of village tourism. Kemuning lake becomes one object which most people visit. It has 1 hectare in width, 2.5 to 3 meters in depth on the rainy season, and 1 meter in depth on the dry season. For now, this lake is facilitated with some games, such as paddle duck boats, which they can  go around the lake.

      For you who like fishing, you can also do your hobby in this lake. Another location with natural nuance can be found in woods which belongs to Perhutani, Wanagama woods, and other woods which belongs to the locals, which are mostly used by students to conduct some science research.  (Also read other article at : Bali National Pride)

      This place, of course is a comfort place that we can hear the birds singing in harmony with the nature. The nuance of a countryside that felt so strong. There are some facilities built around the location, such as toilets, gazebos, and other buildings. It also can be used as a camping area that was open on June 10, 2012 ago.

      If we want to go to Kemuning Tourism Village, we can go by public transportation or private vehicles. For private vehicles, we can use motorcycles or four-wheeled vehicles. When we are in Yogyakarta and we want to go to this village, we can go through Jogja – Wonosari road until we get the Kerjan intersection or after around 25 kilometers, we can take southward for about 100 meters ahead, until we get the next T-junction, turn left. The initiative to make Kemuning as a tourism village cannot be separated from the locals’ participation who join the local organization related to tourism field which was formed in the middle of April, 2012. They take the management of Kemuning tourism village.

      We think that’s all the information about Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination and now everything depends on you whether you go to Kemuning Village or not for spending your holidays but why don’t you plan for going there? Let’s have a great experience for travelling to Kemuning Tourism Village.

      We hope the post about Kemuning Tourism Village for Recreation Destination Alternative above can be useful for everyone who will go to Gunung Kidul Regency. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Jadwal Waktu Sholat Update Setiap Hari)

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