Keep Your Honesty Forever

Keep Your Honesty Forever

Keep Your Honesty Forever

Keep Your Honesty Forever

        In this occasion I want to share a story about honesty entitled Keep Your Honesty Forever in which the story is telling about someone who actually should be honest in getting earn. (also read : STORY OF A WOODCUTTER AND THE ELF)

Below is the story of Keep Your Honesty Forever:

        Once upon a time there was a dairy man. He used to milk his cows every day and sell the milk in his village. He lived peaceful and happily. He was well-known for supplying fresh milk, even in the nearby villages.

        One day he became greedy. He thought to himself “How long will I have to stay poor like this? I should be richer right now. One way of this I will mix some water into my milk. This way I can earn more money!”.

        According to his plan he mixed water in his milk and sold it to the villagers. To his surprise his sales had increased. He was jumping with joy!  Money was rolling in like no one could imagine. (Also read other article at : Restore Beautiful Memory)

        One day he took his bag full of money and he was going home. It was the summer and the heat unbearable. As he was passing by a lake he decided to stop and rest under a nearby tree, catching a cool breeze within a few minutes he fell asleep.

        When he slept, there was a monkey on that tree. The monkey hadn’t eaten since morning and it was extremely hungry, it saw that the dairyman had a big bag with him. The monkey thought: ”There must be some food in that bag,”

        The monkey grabbed the bag and opened it up. To its surprise it saw hundreds of brand new shiny coins. The monkey snatched the bag and climbed the tree. The monkey did not value the money. it started tossing the coins to the lake. It would throw it at the birds in the nearby tree. it was enjoying itself by throwing away the money. when it went to throw the last coin, it fell on dairyman’s head, immediately he woke up. (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Simple Present Tense)

        He looked up and saw the monkey with empty bag in its hand, He looked around and saw a bunch of coins lying in the grass around the tree. The monkey had had its fun and then ran off into the woods.

        The dairyman started crying. Sobbing he collected as many coins as he could find. He counted the money and realized that the money he earned, from the water which he mixed in the milk, was in the lake. (Also read other article at : Daftar Kata Sifat dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya)

        And the money he earned from the actual milk portion, was all the remained in his hand. He was aware of his guiltiness for mixing milk and water and promised not to do again.  

        That’s all the story about to Keep Your Honesty Forever I have posted above. Hopefully the story about Keep Your Honesty Forever above can teach us in order to be honest in our life in this world. (also read : Crying Stone Legend)

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