Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang

Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang

Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang

      There are a lot of recreation places for spending our leisure days’ stretches in Indonesia Archipelago. Every regency of provinces in Indonesia has its unique places for recreation destination. One of them is the recreation place in Magelang regency. It is Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang. (also read : Coban Pelangi Waterfall)

      Kedung kayang waterfall has amazing Merapi and Merbabu lanscapes with 400 metres high over the sea level. This waterfall is located in Magelang regency. It is precisely located in Wonolelo village, Sawangan subdistrict, Magelang regency. it is about 30 minute from Ketep Pass. The distance of the waterfall is about 30 km from Magelang or 55 km Yogyakarta. It means that we need about 2 hours from Yogyakarta to the waterfall.

      Kedung Kayang is a nature tourism in the form of a natural waterfall with an altitude of 39 meters with 80-degree slope position cliff. Water flowing of Kedung Kayang waterfall flows throughout the year and it is derived from four springs that are all derived from the slope of Merbabu mountain. The spring that surround the waterfall is called Penguripan spring. It is commonly used by people for a variety of purposes and objectives.

      The waterfall can be reached from the parking area on a walk about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. there is a pathway that only can be access by walking. because this way is located on the side of the cliff. so in this case we must walk carefully to the waterfall.

      Maybe it is difficult area. But don’t give up, because the panorama that you will get, is very beautiful and amazing. You will feel fresh air mountain and fresh water. There is very big stone, maybe it’s from Merapi mountain eruption.

      On the way of walking to the waterfall we will see beautiful view and cold weather. After arriving in the waterfall we will see a waterfall between the green cliffs, it is so beautiful. (visit article on other our web : Malam Damai Menyambut Pagi)

      After getting a brief information of this post So if you visit to Magelang Regency don’t forget to visit Kedung Kayang waterfall too.

      That’s all our post about recreation place of Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang. We hope our information about Kedung Kayang Waterfall Magelang above can be useful.

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