Kastoba Lake Bawean

Kastoba Lake Bawean

Kastoba Lake Bawean

         There are many recreation places in East Java province which offer exotics view for the visitors. One of them is Kastoba Lake Bawean which can be alternative for spending holiday time. (also see : Recreation to Sarangan Lake)

        When you go to Bawean island, we suggest you to go to Kastoba lake as this lake has beautiful scenery and this lake is still natural. Kastoba Lake Bawean is one of exotic lake in Gresik Regency. So this lake is one of recreation destination place in Gersik. To enjoy the beauty and charm of Kastoba Lake, it can be reached on foot.

        Kastoba Lake Bawean is located in Paromaan village, Tambak district, Gresik regency, East Java Province. It is located in Bawean Island. We need only one and half hour drive from Sangkapura quay to reach the lake, by passing Bawean road. Kastoba lake located on a high hill enough. There are hundreds of steps that you must go through the undergrowth on either side of the road. Must be careful to get to the top, because the road to the lake is still very natural.

        To reach Kastoba lake Bawean is not easy. We should take the way through ring road of Bawean Island from Sangkapura quay towards Tambak district after reaching Tanjung Ori village, Tambak district admission about 3 Km pass the Paromaan village road. Arriving in the village, we must walk through the path then enter the forest. The road is up and down through hills and have to walk for about 1 Km to get to Kastoba Lake. It is because the Kastoba lake located on hill. But this does not discourage the tourists. There still many visitors visit the lake in holidays. Kastoba lake Bawean gives special feels to those nature lovers. Besides, there are many rare animal species and various insects that which are not the same as others insect in Indonesia. So that, this location has a tremendous appeal and it is difficult to compare with other tourist destinations in Indonesia.

        However, when you arrive at Kastoba Lake Bawean, you will find quiet and peaceful atmosphere that will greet you in a lake with 725 ha width. Its location on a hill surrounded by trees makes the air feel so cool. Of course this will make you want to stay all day in the only lake in Bawean island. Lush green landscape with giant shade trees make the water of the lake is very clean and clear so it will make all visitors feel relax.

        After having information about Kastoba Lake Bawean as we share above, why don’t you try to plan for going to Kastoba Lake Bawean for your recreation destination place? Let’s go there and enjoy your leisure time. (also see : Recreation to Ngebel Lake)

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