Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta

Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta

Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta

        One more recreation place I want to share for my beloved reader. It is Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta. Although it is probably not as grandeur and fame as Borobudur Temple, but this temple has its own history. Kalasan Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Yogyakarta. Kalasan Temple was built to dedicate Goddess Tara.

        Kalasan Temple is located in sub-village of Kalibening, Tirtamani village, Sub-district of Kalasan, Sleman Regency, province of Yogyakarta. The location of Kalasan Temple is about 2 kilometers southern of Prambanan Temple. Kalasan Temple is precisely about 16 kilometers to the eastern of Yogyakarta. Kalasan temple is easy to be reached out because this temple is located next to the main road of Jogja – Solo.

        Kalasan Temple has beautifully ornamented with finely carved relief and coated with “vajralepa”, a yellowish material made from the sap of a certain tree. The vajralepa functioned as an adhesive and as protection against moss and mildew, while at the same time it refined the carvings. This temple is 24 m high and its base built in the form of a Greek cross.

        The body of temple has the appearance that just out in the middle. On the outer surface of the body temple there is a niche decorated with the figure of the god who holds a lotus flower in a standing position. Southeastern part has a chamber in which there is a throne decorated with a lion motif standing on the backs of elephants. The chamber can be entered from the corbel located on the east side.

        The roof of the temple is octagonal and consists of two levels. A Buddha statue that depicts humans is on the first level while at the second level there is a statue depicting Buddha Yani. The top of the temple from a square symbolizing Meru summit with ornate stupas. On the border of the body of the temple with the roof of the temple are heavenly beings flower decoration dwarf entity called Gana.

        When we look at detail of the temple, we will also find beautiful reliefs on its surface. For example, relief of Gods and clouds Khayangan who was playing the sounds. The inhabitants of the heavenly brought fiddle, clams and camara. There is also a picture of flower buds, leaves and tendrils. Relief at Tara temple is distinctive because it is lined with ancient cement called Brajalepha, made from the sap of certain trees.

        Surrounding of the temple are stupas with a height of about 4.6 m amounted to 52 pieces. Although stupas were no longer intact because it was impossible assembled parts intact, you can still enjoy. Visiting temples history of the establishment based on Panagari lettered inscription temple, you will increasingly recognize the severity Panangkaran even had time to build sacred buildings in Thailand.

        The temple is also a proof that in the past has been no attempt to reconcile religion with one another. Evidently, Panangkaran Hindu temple built on a proposal Tara Buddhist monks and dedicated to the well Pancapana Buddha. This temple is also becoming one of the holy buildings that inspired Atisha, a Buddhist from India who had visited Borobudur and spread Buddhism to Tibet. 

        After having a little information about Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta so, why don’t you plan for going to Kalasan Temple Yogyakarta in your holiday?

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