Jonggring Saloko Beach

Jonggring Saloko Beach

Jonggring Saloko Beach

        When we talk about recreation place in Malang, we will find that there are many places can be visited as recreation destination. One of them is Jonggring Saloko Beach. This beach is one of outstanding natural tourism in Malang Regency. (also read : PASIR PUTIH BEACH SITUBONDO)

        The name of Jonggring Saloko is taken from puppet story, which is the name of a celestial whose God Narada residence or dwelling place of the gods lived in. God Narada was also well-known as SangHyang Kanwakaputra. His character was very unique. He was the vice chief of Batara Guru. His duty was observing and caring for the condition of the world.

        Jonggring Saloko Beach is located in Mentaraman village, Donomulyo district, Malang regency. The distance of the beach is about 11 km from the district of Donomulyo or it is about 70 km from the city of Malang. It can be reached about 3 hours from the city of Malang using public transportation. However, you need to know that the path to the beach location of Jonggring Saloko is very difficult. if you want to visit this beach is recommended to use a motorcycle because the road is surging and damaging. The road can be slippery and rocky that visitors should be careful. The road is covered by limestone. The surrounding is pristine with trees and singing birds. However, all our efforts will pay off with the beauty of natural scenery on this coast.

        Visit to Joggring Saloko beach, you’ll be found something different in this beach. this beach is a hidden paradise beach because this beach is although very amazing but it is still rare visited by tourists who come to enjoy its beauty Because the field heading to Jonggring Saloko is still relatively challenging, but it does not make this beach loses its charm and exotics.

        Jonggring Saloko Beach in fact is very beautiful and attractive as a destination place for recreation, which contains of several locations, one of which is the existence of “water gush”, i.e. the occurrence of the waves hit the rocks and water can cause sound and sea water gush can emanate from the stone above an altitude of 10 meters from the sea level.

       Saloko Jonggring beach also has a unique form of black sand. Unlike most other beaches in Malang presenting its white sand on this beach of black sand. Beaches along the lip of Jonggring Saloko can make you meet a black sand smooth and dense yet soft, this beach has big enough waves so that the visitors are strictly forbidden to bathe and swim. But the big waves are actually used some of the visitors to surf.

      After getting information about Jonggring Saloko beach, why don’t you try having a plan for visiting there on your holiday time. Let’s go there and enjoy the beauty of the beach. (also read : RECREATION TO GOA CHINA BEACH)

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