Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta

Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta

Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta

      Yogyakarta has many collection of beaches, providing ideal destinations for enjoying leisure days for sun bathe while the little one paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and bury themselves in sand. Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta. Just like any other beaches in Yogyakarta, the beach has beautiful panorama. The white sand and the amazing surrounding nature make the beach one of the worth visiting beaches. When we visit this beach, we can enjoy this beautiful panorama by sitting in the edge of the beach. There are many gazebos along the beach to rest and relax. When we have tired of walking in this beach, we can take a rest in the gazebo. The cool sea wind and the calm atmosphere will refresh our mind. We will not want to leave the beach once we have arrived and enjoyed the beauty. (also read : Bandealit Beach Jember)

      When the night falls, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the horizon changing its colors from bright blue, to orangery-red and finally darkness with glittering twinkling stars above. This makes a very romantic scenery for couples visiting the beach. On the land, the view is no less great as the gazebos of restaurants lining the beach sparkle with colorful lighting.

      The name of “Indrayanti beach Yogyakarta is taken from the name of the owner of a restaurant in the area. It started from the nameplate “Indrayanti” display in front of the restaurant. So then people are more familiar with the beach as Indrayanti beach. This naming was controversial because Gunung Kidul regency government has given the name of the beach, the Pulang Syawal beach. However, the name Indrayanti already familiar in the ears of local people and tourists. In the end, the famous cleanest beach in Yogyakarta is more popular known as Indrayanti beach.

      Indrayanti Beach is located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. This beach is exactly located in Indrayanti Village, sub-district of Tepus, Gunungkidul regency. This beach lies in the eastern part of Sundak Beach. The beach is actually very beautiful. In addition, you can see beautiful cliffs and rocks surround the beach. They add the beauty of the beach. Especially the crystal clear of the blue sea water and the perfect waves allow visitors to enjoy the most incredible view. The beach is not too large, and there are only few visitors in this beach. This makes the beach so peaceful, and it is not crowded.

      In order to get there, we must travel to the city of Yogyakarta first. Then, it is advisable to either use our own car or rent a vehicle to drive to the beach because there is no public transportation that leads directly to the beach. It is quite easy to get to Indrayanti beach because the road leading there is already in good shape. The distance between Yogyakarta and Indrayanti beach is around 66 km, which means the drive would take around 2 hours.

      After getting the information about Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta, why don’t you try to plan for going there on your holidays? Come to Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach as beautiful as the name of “Indrayanti” (also read : Grojogan Sewu Waterfall)

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