Impossible the Sun in Pail

Impossible the Sun in Pail

Impossible the Sun in Pail

Impossible the Sun in Pail

        One more story about Impossible the sun in pail. It is the story about the smartness of Abunawas. Because of his smartness, Harun Al-Rasyid (the king of Baghdad) used to try for testing him many quizzes. One of the quizzes was shown as below. (also read : Story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp)

        One day The King Harun Al-Rasyid gave another quiz. In this case, he wanted to give an impossible task to Abunawas.

        “Abunawas, as we know in this summer the sun is very hot. If you can wrap the sun, you’ll help all people so I’ll give reward to you.” Said King Harun Al-Rasyid.

        Then the King said again, “I want you to wrap the sun by tomorrow. Are you ready?”

        Abu was just silent of what the king said. However, he could not refuse the order of the king. He looked confused.

       “What time will you take the order, Abu?” asked the king. Abunawas was still silent.

        “What time will you take the order, Abunawas?” The king repeated the question.

        After a quite long silence he then answered, “Around midday, Your Majesty!”

        After hearing the answer of Abunawas, then the king ordered all the ministers to come to the palace the next day around twelve o’clock. He also announced all people around the palace to joint. 

        The next day at twelve o’clock many people gathered in the palace. They wanted to see how Abunawas wrapped the sun. When Abunawas came there, the king asked him directly, “How will you do it, Abu?”

        “Excuse me, Your Majesty. I need a pail of water and a big leather bag. There must be no leak on the bag,” said Abunawas. (Also read other article at : Be Patient in Struggling of Life)

        “Okay, I will fulfill your request.” Then the king asked his guards to get a pail of water and a big leather bag. Soon after that the guards brought in the things. They gave them to Abunawas.

        After receiving them, Abunawas went to the palace square with a pail of water. He put it in the middle of the square. He looked into the pail. The water was very clean. He saw the reflection of the sun in the water. Then he went back to the king and the ministers.

        “Your Majesty, I have caught the sun. I put it in the pail,” said Abunawas.

        The King smiled and asked, “How can you prove it, Abu?”

        Abunawas asked one of the minister to go to the middle of the square and to look into the pail. He asked the minister when he came back, “What did you see?” 

        The minister answered, “The sun!”

        The other ministers talked to each other. They did not believe the minister who just saw the sun in the pail.

        “Abu, can I see the sun?” asked the other minister.

        “Go ahead,” answered Abunawas.

        So, the other minister went to see the sun in the pail. When he came back, he told the others that he saw the sun in the pail.

        “Do you want to prove it yourself, Your Majesty?” asked Abunawas to the king.

        The king smiled. He knew Abunawas try to release himself from the impossible task. He said, “No, Abu. Now wrap it!”

        Abunawas took the big leather bag. He went to the middle of the square. He opened the bag and put it on the ground. Next, he lifted the pail and poured the water into the bag. He closed the bag and ran to the king. (Also read other article at : Pelajaran Penting Budaya Antri)

        I have wrapped the sun, Your Majesty,” he said and put the bag in front of the king.

        “I still see the sun shining in the sky, Abu,” said the king.

        “Your Majesty, your ministers told us that they saw the sun in the pail. And I poured the water into the bag. So, the sun is in the bag now,” argued Abunawas.

        “Abu look outside. The sun is shining in the sky!” the king also argued.

        “Yes, Your Majesty. But it is the second sun.”

        “The second sun? There is only one sun in the world!”

        “You’re right, Your Majesty. There is only one sun in the world. So, when I put it into the bag, the whole world was in total darkness. So, God replaced it with the new one,” Abunawas argued convincingly.

        The king could not argue any further. Then he walked to the bag and opened the bag. He did not see the sun in the bag. Then he said, “Abu, there is no sun in the bag. Where is the sun you just wrapped?”

        “Your Majesty, there are two suns now. The sun in the bag feel guilty because I can catch it. It will show itself only if it sees the second sun,” said Abunawas.

        “What do you mean?” asked the king.

        Abunawas did not answered the question. He took the bag and brought it outside. He opened it under the sun. After a moment he shouted, “it’s here, Your Mejesty!”

        The king Harun Al-Rasyid ran to Abunawas and he saw inside the bag. There was a sun in the bag.

        “Okay . . . . Okay!!! You win, Abu. Here is the reward as I have promised.” Said King Harun Al-Rasyid while smilling.

The End of Impossible the sun in pail story

        That’s all the story of Abunawas about Impossible the Sun in Pail I have shared. Hopefully the story of Impossible the Sun in Pail above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Persamaan Lingkaran)

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