How to be Confident in Speaking English

How to be Confident in Speaking English

How to Be Confident in Speaking

How to be Confident in Speaking English

       Speaking is one way in improving someone’s English skill, but sometimes, if it can’t be said most of us, we find feeling ashamed to express our idea by speaking, especially for those who start studying English. For Indonesian, especially Javanese people tend to worry too much about other’s opinion. That’s what? For example, makes students keep their mouth shut, although their teacher always encourages to speak up. The students are afraid others would find that their English is bad; that their pronunciation is not really good; that their grammar is so awful, and so on, and so on. And in the way around, they are also afraid to be called arrogant or just showing off when they speak too much in the classroom. (Also read : Expressing and Responding Sympathy)
       Here are suggestions from me to someone who start trying to speak English in order to be able to overcome the feeling of ashamed in speaking so that you do not feel embarrassed and self-confidence arises when you want to speak English:

1. Convince Yourself that This is a Learning Process

       English is a science of language that it cannot be controlled instantly or quickly. We need long learning process. In a learning process, it is normal that we make mistakes. You should not feel inferior or embarrassed if you make a mistake when you speak English. You should not feel inferior when you are wrong in setting sentences. Someone or your friend who can speak English well actually they do the same thing as you. They often make mistakes when speaking. So convince in your heart and your mind that this is learning process, eliminate insecurity, insecure or shy in speaking exercises.
       So feeling shy to speak English because of inadequate ability is not true, so remove this feeling from you. (Also read other article at : Rain Streaks Million Dreams)

2. Speak by Mixing English with Indonesian

       If at the time you speak English, there are some words that you do not know, then do not be ashamed to say it in Indonesian. For example: I want to buy a new “kaos dalam in “toko pakaian”. In this example, you do not know what the English “kaos dalam” and “toko pakaian”. You can mix it up as an example of my sentence is. Do not be shy and insecure to do this. Ask your speaking partner what are the English of the words “kaos dalam” and “toko pakaian”. After your speaking partner tell you the English words you do not know, then repeat your all words you’ve known in English.

3. Always Bring Your Dictionary in Your Bag
       If you want to say something in English words, but you do not know, the dictionary is a very useful at that time. For example you want to say “jaga” in English, and you’ve asked your listener, but he also does not know that word in English, then open your dictionary. You can make the dictionary as a mandatory book in your bag. (Also read other article at : Pidato Pembakar Semangat dari Presiden Soekarno)

4. Find the Topic You Like and Understand for Speaking
       My 4th suggestion you can apply if you have really set a special time with your friend or partner to learn speaking. For example, on Sunday you make an appointment to meet with your friends in a comfortable park for you and your partner, then you and your friend make an appointment to talk about things in English to improve your speaking skills. So don’t choose difficult topic. Choose a topic that you like and you understand. You should also know the vocabulary. When you choose a topic that you don’t understand it, so you should prepare it before you start speaking exercises. In other words you have enough references. The positive effect is that you will know what phrases you would say since you already have lots of references and ideas.

5. Always Try to Learn and Learn.
       Do not despair to improve your English skills.

       That’s all the post about How to be Confident in Speaking English I can share for this occasion, I hope the post about How to be Confident in Speaking English above will be useful. (Also read other article at : Soal UKK IPA Kelas 8 SMP Bagian 1)

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