Holiday in Prigi Beach

Holiday in Prigi Beach

      Holiday in Prigi Beach. The Beauty of Prigi Beach has not been in doubt for the visitors who have ever gone there. Whether visitors around Trenggalek or out of this place I think they agree of my opinion.

    This beach is located about 48 km southern of Trenggalek. The exactly place is in Tasikmadu village, Sub-District of Watulimo, Trenggalek district. Prigi beach is one of the favorite beaches for recreation place in East Java Province. This beach can be reached about two hours thirty minutes driving from Madiun, or about two hours driving from Ponorogo (the reog city).

      It is between Trenggalek and Tulungagung districts. From Trenggalek you just follow the road to the Parigi beach trenggalek, the most famous beach, then follow the road to Karanggongso, you can find this beach on the right hand side. By public transport, you can use bus from Ponorogo or Tulungagung to reach Trenggalek, there you can find mini bus to reach this beach.

      Prigi Beach is known for its magnificent rock formations. The most attractive part of this beach is its Southwestern coast. It includes a main bay, used by fishing boats as a harbor.

      Around the coast there are small shops, although the situation is still messy and not neat, but you who like to eat a typical Java will find it here. Some even offer a souvenir shop, in the form of the work of the shells. Here it is also a rental boat that will take you around the beach enjoying the scenery around the beaches and cliffs from the sea. A few hundred yards from the Prigi beach, there are several comfortable hotels and inns are relatively cheap. So that it will make you enjoy this beach.

      This beach is very interested to visit. There are many tourists especially local tourists having recreation to this beach. Especially during weekends and national holidays the beach is almost full of visitors. For those out of town, you need not worry. Near the coast there are small shops around the beach. The Javanese culinary are also available and it is suitable for your tongue. There are also souvenir shops or stalls, the product of the work of shellfish. For those of you who want to cruise the coast, boat rentals available that will take you around the beach to enjoy the Prigi Beach.

      Another thing that you can find on this beach is the place of fish auction, you will find a row of fishing boats that the condition a lot of them are good. Fish market into a unique view and add your insight about Indonesia marine wealth. Usually beach with fishing activities appear bleak and unpleasant, but the local government has managed to make this beach tourist destination,

      Prigi beach has yellow sand. This sand is safe for your children to play so I recommend you to take your family for spending your holiday in Prigi Beach.

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