Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach

Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach

       Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach. Kondang Merak Beach is one of south coastal beaches of East Java. This beach is near to Balekambang Beach. It is administratively located in Sumberbening village, Bantur district. Malang regency. The distance of this beach is about 68 kilometers from Malang city.

       Although this beautiful beach is near to Balekambang Beach but the fact that Kondang Merak Beach is less popular than its neighboring beach, Balekambang Beach. This fact may be caused of difficulty to get the location.

       It will take around two to three hours from the city of Malang by driving our own vehicle. However, It will take much longer if we take public transportations, and of course we’ll have to change the public transportation three times. The last two kilometer to the beach is also bumpy and this may become one of the reasons why this beach is less popular than Balekambang Beach. Fortunately, the advantages of this condition this beach makes cleaner and quieter, it is also during the weekdays. This beach looks more natural and it is not too crowded.

       The unique scenery around this beach is quite beautiful with breezing wind blow, coupled with its quite soft white sand felt on feet. There are also available big coral reefs on this beach. Those big coral rocks will be interesting to see when the tide of sea water is low. This is because in this situation the reef previously covered with sea water is going to appear to the surface.

       This beach has a character making waves relatively quiet and not too blaring. Some magnificent pieces of rock withstand strong waves, break down and make the flow more quietly. Character of fine white sand and gentle and presentation of stunning scenery offshore can eliminate fatigue.

       We do not need to worry when we are arriving in Kondang Merak Beach because there are also some lodgings, restaurants, mosques even camping ground available there. For restaurants, of course the menus offered are mostly seafood.

       If we want to go to Kondang Merak Beach, it’s quite easy to get to the location. From Malang city we can follow the road heading to Kepanjen and just follow the same directions to get to Balekambang Beach. And do not worry about getting lost because there will be lots of information boards showing which path we should take to get to Kondang Merak Beach.

       So, be happy holiday and enjoy the beauty of Kondang Merak Beach.

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  1. i thing this place vry suitable for visit when holiday,because this place have many beautification .although this palce not popular but this place have many paculiarity .example this place is very clean,calm,natural and other

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