History the Name of Indonesia

History the Name of Indonesia

History the Name of Indonesia

History the Name of Indonesia

       The aphorism. says “Don’t know then no love”. Likewise about the history of our beloved homeland “Indonesia”. How will our love grow if we don’t know it? Even though we as citizens who live in Indonesia. But the fact, many of us are very lack information about the history of our homeland. (Also read : Life Spirit of Young Palm Tree)

       Like, the word “Indonesia” is familiar in everyday life, in everyone’s mind, even children of kindergarten and elementary school period have been taught the word Indonesia as their beloved homeland through songs and others.

       But do you know, the history of the origin name of the mention of “Indonesia”?

       This word (Indonesia), in the days of Ancestors never heard before. Because this word was not a native word for them. Formerly the era of Mahapatih Gajahmada (The Majapahit Prime Minister) called it the term, “Nuswantara, or Nusantara” to refer to a collection of islands  (now it is called Indonesia).

       “Nusantara” itself consists of two words, namely; Nusa (Island), and Antara (between, inter, set). That is to say the group between islands, or the set of island (islands). (Also read other article at : Accept Everything For Love)

       Then after the Dutch came and colonized the islands in this country, they called it ‘Hindia’, because they thought that this land was India (Hindustan), because the original purpose was to sail there. Just like Columbus who wanted to sail to India, but strayed to a very wide continent (America now). Because Columbus thought he had landed correctly in India, then the Nation that inhabited the land, he called it “Indian”. And this word is finally identical with them, even though they are actually; Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, etc.

       So after the Dutch were firmly in control of our beloved homeland, internationally this Land was referred to as ” Nederlandsch-Indie ”, or ‘Dutch East Indies’ (in Malay dialect), which meant about ‘Dutch State in India’. (Also read other article at : Obrolan Simbah bakda Riyaya)

       The mention of the Dutch East Indies continued for a very long time, namely as long as the Dutch were in power (about 345 years). Until the formation of Soempah Pemoeda (Youth Pledge) on October 28, 1928, which began to introduce the “Indonesia” name to refer to their homeland. With pledges that expressed a sense of shared fate – “One bloodshed, Indonesia homeland, One nation, Indonesian people, Up-holding the language of unity, Indonesian. “. The climax after the Proclamation of Independence on August 17, 1945, the Countries in this region (Dutch Colony) declared Freedom, and on behalf of the Sukarno-Hatta joined in one forum, namely the country of Indonesia.

       That’s all the post about the History the Name of Indonesia we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the History the Name of Indonesia above can improve our belonging of our country, Indonesia. (Also read other article at : Latihan UNBK Matematika SMP Bagian 3)

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