History of Tangerang City

History of Tangerang City

History of Tangerang City

History of Tangerang City

       Tangerang City (West Java) is now 26 years old. At this age, the City of Tangerang has increasingly developed and shows itself as a new “Metropolitan City” on the outskirts of the City of Jakarta. The establishment of the City of Tangerang is inseparable from the history of the struggle of the Sultanate of Banten in fighting Dutch Colonialism. (Also read : History of Madiun Regency)

        The name “Tangerang” refers to an area near the Cisadane River, which was formerly known as Untung Jawa. According to history, the birth of the City of Tangerang originated from the name of a bamboo-based monument built by Prince Soegiri, the son of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa from Sultanate of Banten. This monument is located in the western part of the Cisadane River. The surrounding community called this monument with the name “Tengger” or “Tetengger” which in Sundanese means it is a sign or marker. In accordance with the nickname, the function of this monument is indeed as a marker for the division of territory between the Sultanate of Banten with the Dutch VOC.

        At that time, the Sultanate of Banten was located in the west and the territory controlled by the VOC in the east of the Cisadane River. Around 1652, at that time the Banten authorities appointed three maulanas, who were given the rank of Aria. The three maulanas were the Sultan’s distant relatives who came from the Sumedang Larang Kingdom, named Yudhanegara, Wangsakara, and Santika. They were asked and sent to help the economy of the Sultanate of Banten by taking the fight against the VOC which was increasingly detrimental to the Banten Sultanate with the applied trade monopoly system. (Also read other article at : Tangisan Air Mata Ibu)

       In their struggle, the three maulanas built a fortress to establish a central government of kemaulanaan which became the center of resistance against the VOC in Tigaraksa. But, in the battle against the VOC, the three maulanas were killed one by one. Aria Santika died in 1717 in Kebon Besar, Batuceper District. Aria Yudhanegara died in 1718 in Cikokol and in the same year Aria Wangsakara died in Ciledug. The area around the stronghold built by the three maulanas was called by the community as Benteng area. It also makes Tangerang City known as Benteng City.

       Why did the term “Tangeran” change to “Tangerang”? Compiled from the official website of the Tangerang Government, it began on April 17, 1684, when an agreement was signed between Sultan Haji or Sultan Abunnashri Abdulkahar, son of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa heir to the Sultanate of Banten with the VOC. One of the section of the agreement stated that if the territory at that time was known as “Tangeran”, it would be fully owned and occupied by the VOC. With this agreement, the Tangerang area would all be under Dutch authority. At that time, the Dutch army did not only contain native Dutch people, but also recruited indigenous people, namely Madura and Makasar who were stationed in the Benteng region. VOC troops who came from Makassar did not recognize death letters, and were accustomed to saying “Tangeran” with “Tangerang” . This spelling error is passed down from generation to generation to the present. (Also read other article at : Jarak Planet dalam Tata Surya dengan Matahari)

       Tangerang Region Name became the official name for the first time during the Japanese occupation in 1942-1945. The Japanese government had moved the Jakarta Ken government center (a district-level administrative region) to Tangerang, led by Kentyo M. Atik Soeardi. As time went by, the Tangerang area which was once in the form of a Level II Regional District experienced very rapid development. Its location is directly adjacent to the Capital City, which makes several sub-districts that border directly become the center of Government, Economic, Industrial and Trade, Political and Social-Cultural activities. On February 28, 1981, the Government issued Government Regulation Number 50 of 1981 concerning the Establishment of the Administrative City of Tangerang. Then, Tangerang Sub-District.


       That’s all the post about the History of Tangerang City we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the History of Tangerang City above can add our knowledge about Tangerang City. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS IPS Kelas 9 Semester 1)

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