History of Sidoarjo Regency

History of Sidoarjo Regency

History of Sidoarjo Regency

History of Sidoarjo Regency

       The area of ​​Sidoarjo Regency is in the lowlands. Sidoarjo is known as the Delta City, because it is located between two large rivers (fragments of Brantas River), namely the Mas River and the Porong River. The city of Sidoarjo is in the south of Surabaya, and geographically both cities are as if they are one. (Also read : Legend of Jombang)

       Sidoarjo was once known as the center of the Kingdom of Janggala. During the Dutch East Indies colonialism, the Sidoarjo area was named Sidokare, which it was part of the Surabaya Regency. The Sidokare area was led by a governor named R. Ng. Djojohardjo, residing in Pucang Anom kampong, assisted by a wedana, named Bagus Ranuwiryo, who lived in Pangabahan kampong.

       In 1859, based on the Decree of the Netherlands Indies Government No. 9/1859 dated of 31 January 1859 No. Staatsblad 6, the Regency of Surabaya was divided into two parts, namely Surabaya Regency and Sidokare Regency. Sidokare was led by R. Notopuro (later titled R.T.P Tjokronegoro) from Kasepuhan. He was the son of R.A.P. Tjokronegoro, Regent of Surabaya. On May 28, 1859, the name of the Regency of Sidokare, which it had a less good connotation, was changed to Sidoarjo Regency. (Also read other article at : Beautiful Red Rose Flower)

       After R. Notopuro died in 1862, his old brother, named Regent R.T.A.A Tjokronegoro II was appointed as regent in 1863. He was a transfer from Lamongan. In 1883 the Regent of Tjokronegoro received a pension, as his successor was appointed R.P. Sumodiredjo moved from Tulungagung, but only 3 months because he died in the same year, so R.A.A.T. Tjondronegoro I was appointed as his replacement.

       During the Japanese Occupation (March 8, 1942 – August 15, 1945), the Brantas River delta area including Sidoarjo was also under the authority of the Japanese Military Government (ie by Kaigun, the Japanese Sea army). On August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allies. Beginning in March 1946 the Netherlands began to be active in its efforts to re-occupy this area. When the Dutch occupied Gedangan, the Indonesian government moved the Sidoarjo government center to Porong. The Dungus area (Sukodono sub-district) became a contested area with the Netherlands. On December 24, 1946, the Dutch began attacking the city of Sidoarjo with an attack from the direction of Tulangan. Sidoarjo fell into the hands of the Dutch that day. The Sidoarjo government center was then relocated to Jombang area. (Also read other article at : Fungsi Akuntansi Dalam Transaksi Keuangan)

       The Dutch occupying government (known as Recomba) tried to reshape the government as it did in the colonial period. In November 1948, a State of East Java was formed, one of the states in the United States of Indonesia. Sidoarjo was under the reign of Recomba until 1949. On December 27, 1949, as a result of the agreement of “Konferensi Meja Bundar” (the Round Table Conference), the Dutch handed over the East Java State to the Republic of Indonesia, so that the Brantas delta region itself became the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


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