History of Mojokerto City

History of Mojokerto City

History of Mojokerto City

History of Mojokerto City

       Almost everyone knows the city of Mojokerto. However, people who know the origin of the city of Mojokerto are still few. Mojokerto City is located in East Java and surrounded by Mojokerto Regency. The city of Mojokerto is located about 50 km western of Surabaya. This city that has a variety of interesting and historic tourism is always associated with Majapahit kingdom or Mojopait kingdom. (Also read : History of Padang City)

The Origin of the City of Mojokerto, East Java

       Majapahit’s heyday was a very impressive period in Indonesian history. The reason was because at this time Majapahit became the largest kingdom and had such extraordinary influence. Not only in the archipelago, even abroad, the name of the Majapahit kingdom was known. Mojokerto which has many historical relics from the Majapahit kingdom is often associated with the kingdom.

       Mojokerto’s anniversary was also related to Majapahit. It is said that the anniversary of Mojokerto on 9 May was the day Raden Wijaya set up a strategy in his fight against the Tar-Tar forces. (Also read other article at : Sekedar Mimpi Tanpa Kenyataan)

       The victory in the resistance was the starting point of the military and diplomatic victory carried out by Raden Wijaya. According to the Ecclesiastes, this incident occurred on May 9, 1293. From this date the date was made into the anniversary day of Mojokerto and is celebrated to this day.

       Along with the passage of time after Majapahit collapsed, then Dutch colonialism made the shape of the city change. Beginning with status as standard, based on the decision of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Number 324 of 1918 on June 20, 1918. During the Japanese Occupation Government, the city was status “Sidan” and it was ruled by Si Ku Cho from May 8, 1942 to August 15, 1945.

       During the revolution of 1945 – 1950 the Government of Mojokerto City in the implementation of the Government became part of the Mojokerto Regency Government and was governed by a Deputy Mayor in addition to the Regional National Committee. The Autonomous Region of the Small City of Mojokerto was established based on Law Number 17 of 1950, and on August 14, 1950 then changed its status as the City of Praja according to Law Number 1 of 1957. (Also read other article at : Pengertian Desa Menurut Para Ahli)

       After the issuance of Law No. 18 of 1965 it changed to Mojokerto Municipality. Subsequently it was changed to Mojokerto District II Municipality based on Law Number 5 Year 1974. Furthermore, with the Act Number 22 of 1999 concerning Regional Government, the Municipality of the Second Level Region of Mojokerto like the other Regions changed its Nomenclature to become the City Government of Mojokerto.

       That’s all the post about the History of Mojokerto City we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the History of Blitar City above can add our knowledge about the History of Mojokerto City. (Also read other article at : Soal USBN PKn SMA)

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