History Of Malang City

History Of Malang City

History Of Malang City

History Of Malang City

       Malang City, like other cities in Indonesia in general, only grew and developed after the presence of the Dutch colonial government. Public facilities were planned in such a way as to meet the needs of the Dutch family. The discriminatory impression still remains to this day. For example, Ijen Boulevard in the surrounding area. only enjoyed by Dutch families and o ther European nations, while the indigenous population had to be satisfied to live in the suburbs with inadequate facilities. The residential area is now like a monument that holds a mystery and often invites Dutch families who had lived there to reminisce. (Also read : History of Bogor City)

       In 1879, the city of Malang began operating the train and since then the city of Malang had grown rapidly. Various needs of the community were increasing, especially in the space to carry out various activities. As a result there had been a change in land use, the area that had been built had emerged uncontrollably. Changes in land functions undergo rapid changes, such as from the function of agriculture to housing and industry.

       In line with the aforementioned developments, urbanization had continued and the community’s need for housing had increased beyond the capacity of the government, while the level of urbanist economy was very limited, which in turn would result in the emergence of wild housing which generally developed around trade areas, along the green line, around rivers, railroads and lands that were considered no-man’s land. After a while, the area became a settlement, and the degradation of the quality of the environment began to occur with all its innate impacts. These symptoms tend to increase, and it’s hard to imagine what would happen if the problem was ignored. (Also read other article at : Rindu Belaian Kasih Ayah)

Overview of Government History

  1. Malang was a Kingdom centered in the Dinoyo region, with its king Gajayana.
  2. In 1767 the Company entered the City
  3. In 1821 the position of the Dutch Government was centered around Brantas
  4. In 1824 Malang had an Assistant Resident
  5. In 1882 houses in the western part of the city were established and the city was set up in the square.
  6. April 1, 1914 Malang was designated as a Township
  7. March 8, 1942 Malang was occupied by Japan
  8. September 21, 1945 Malang entered the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  9. July 22, 1947 Malang was occupied by the Dutch
  10. March 2, 1947 The Government of the Republic of Indonesia re-entered Malang City.
  11. January 1, 2001, became the Government of Malang City.


  1. Paris of Java

Because of its beautiful natural conditions, the climate is cool and the city is clean, like the city of PARIS in East Java.

  1. Cruise City

Beautiful natural conditions, charming, clean, cool, calm and adequate tourist facilities are the characteristics of a city on vacation

  1. City of Rest

The peaceful atmosphere of the City is very suitable for resting, especially for people from outside the city of Malang, both as tourists and in order to visit family / family. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Pleonasme)

  1. City of Education

The situation of the city is calm, the population is friendly, the price of food is relatively cheap and adequate education facilities are very suitable for studying / taking education.

  1. Military City

Chosen as the city of Kesatrian. In Malang City a military training center, dormitory and officers’ mess were built around the Rampal field, and in the Japanese era Sundeng airfield was built in the present Perumnas area.

6 City of History

As a city that holds the mystery of the embryo of the growth of large kingdoms, such as Singosari, Kediri, Mojopahit, Demak and Mataram. In the city of Malang, it was also engraved the beginning of Republican independence even Malang City was recorded as being nominated to be made the Capital of the Republic of Indonesia

  1. City of Flowers

The ideals that spread the hearts of every city citizen always enliven the corner of the city and every inch of the land of citizens with colorful flowers.

       That’s all the post about the History Of Malang City we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the History Of Malang City above can add our knowledge about Malang City. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS IPA Kelas 9 Semester 1)

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