Heart feeling Expression about Journey Destination

Heart feeling Expression about Journey Destination

Heart feeling Expression about Journey Destination

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Here are Heart feeling Expression about Journey Destination:

  • “If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. It will miss its destined station. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life.”
  • “It’s so nice to know where you’re going, in the early stages. It almost rids you of the wish to go there.”
  • “I don’t know whether you can look at your past and find, woven like the hidden symbols on a treasure map, the path that will point to your final destination.”
  • “The map was just an accessory. She knew exactly where she was.”
  • “For where thy treasure is, there also will thy heart be.”
  • “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
  • “Why does every road eventually narrow into a point at the horizon? Because that’s where the point lies.”
  • “Despite what you think you know, sometimes your plans may be interrupted. Because you were designed for a purpose. You are on a mission to achieve greatness. No matter what obstacles lie in your path, you will reach your destination. Remember God’s grace is sufficient.”
  • “At times things doesn’t happen our way. Let it happen the way our life wants or god has decided. May be yet to come is the best to come.”
  • “when i look at the waves i realize not every time it meets the shore, sometimes it even end before reaching it’s destination.”
  • “Obtaining wisdom is perhaps best described as walking the path that is simultaneously our destination: it’s rediscovering the true self within the being-ness of the Absolute.”
  • “Journey leading to just an end is better lost on the way. Who knows you would explore the real destination.”
  • “Our greatest success is being who we truly are. We can never exceed this truth, because we are always the result. As we grasp this truth we come to realize there is no need to become some-body, to pursue or achieve some goal or destination, but to simply allow the truth of who we are to come forth. This is why learning about the self is so important.”
  • “Trust yourself, trust the road, trust the weather and trust your destination! This quarto-trust can create a miraculously successful journey!”

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