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Guidance of Islam in My Life

Guidance of Islam in My Life

Guidance of Islam in My Life

I testify that there is no God except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

For that confession shows that I am a Muslim

To be a Muslim, and God I praise

For all his blessings My voice I raise

In one God I believe, and No equal has He

Lord of the universe, Compassionate to me

Muhammad the Prophet, Taught me the way

To be honest and truthful, Throughout everyday

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The Holy Qur’an, To live is my guide

Its teachings I follow by it I abide

The fasting of the full moth, feeling hunger to be

To learn how hard, to life of destitute

Islam is my religion

Preaches good deeds, Mercy and Kindness

To the right path it leads, Upon all humanity

God showers his grace, Regardless of colour

Nationality or race, Through working together

Our hopes increase, To live in a world

Full of love and peace,

Far for wickedness and falsehood

Islam is my life

Full of love and peace

Far from boasting and guiltiness

I am a Muslim, And God I praise

For all His blessings, My voice I raise

My conviction holds on Guidance of Islam in My Life.

That’s all our post of poem about Guidance of Islam in My Life we can share for this occasion. We hope that the poem about Guidance of Islam in My Life above can be useful. (enjoy another poem in Indonesian version : Doa Ayah untuk Putra Tercinta)

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