Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta

Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta

Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta

      One more recreation place we want to share to you, our beloved readers. The place we mean is Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta. This village is very nice to be visited by someone who want to get beautiful and fresh view. (also read : Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta)

      The Green Village Gedangsari is located in Guyangan Lor sub village, Mertelu village, Gedangsari district, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. It is the border area between Gunung Kidul and Klaten Regencies. Exactly, it is located among three villages, i.e. Watugajah, Tegalrejo and Mertelu. Alternatively, you can search this coordinate, -7.812778, 110.615556.

      You can go to the Green Village Gedangsari by using private or public vehicle. If you want togo to Green Village Gedangsari, there are several routes that you can take to get to this tourist village. At least, there are four routes that you can take based on where you start the trip.

      If you go from Yogyakarta, you need to take Yogyakarta – Wonosari Road until you find Sambipitu police office. Turn left to Gedangsari. Find Sambipitu T-junction and stop at Gedangsari police office. Then, take the route to Mangli when you are in Clongop T-junction. Go ahead until you are in Banyu village. Green Village Gedangsari is not far from Banyu village.

      Another route to Green Village Gedangsari is from Wonosari. Go to north from Wonosari to Gedangsari Sub-district. Then, take the route to Gedangsari police office and find Glongop T-Junction. You will also find Banyu village via Mangli and go ahead until you reach the destination.

      If you go from Klaten, the best route to take is via Wedi. Go to south to Gedangsari via Banyu Watugajah village.

      The last route is also from Klaten. If you start from Bayat or Cawas, you need to also go to South via Tegalrejo village. Then, go to west to Guyangan Lor. Green Village Gedangsari is not far from Guyangan Lor.

      The main interest of this tourist village is the natural panoramic view. While you are walking on the pathway and stairs to the top hill, you can see beautiful greenery surrounding. You can also feel the breeze. This area is windy and makes the journey more comfortable. During the journey, you can also take a rest in some gazebos that are provided. If you bring some meals, you can get relaxed while enjoying them. However, don’t forget to keep the area clean!

      The best thing to see is the sunset. From the top hill of Green Village, sunset can be clearly seen. This view is different from the sunset in beach. In addition to sunset, sunrise can be also seen from this place. It offers a great look because in the morning, tourist complex of Rowo Jombor can be also caught from this spot.

      In this green village we can also enjoy the panoramic view. However, it is not enough for most of visitors. They mostly take lots of photos of the panoramic views and themselves. Everywhere you face, you will find a great view to be photographed. Therefore, this place is a perfect place for photographers or someone who love photographing themselves.

      In addition, it is also a good destination for those who love trekking. Trekking is associated with a good way to improve our health. While taking a walk, you can enjoy the scenery. The trekking route is not so far, moreover with the beautiful views surrounding that make you not tired. Shopping is another interesting thing to do. There are plenty of local residents that produce some handicrafts. You can purchase them.

One more we can inform that the most favorite moment to find in Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta is the sunset moment. Therefore, the best time to go is in the evening. There are two seasons in Indonesia, dry and raining seasons. You better go within the dry season. After raining, the pathway can be slippery and dangerous enough. Besides, during the raining seasons, the area will be cloudy. This means that it can be difficult to see the sunset.

There many facilities can be found and provided to support the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the panoramic view surrounding this tourist village. From this place, you can see the area of Klaten and Yogyakarta when you face to the north. In the south area, you can see some mountains with dense green trees.

To maximize this exploration, the Green Village is completed with pathways and gazebos. Pathways are equipped with metal fence painted in blue. Walking through this way is safe. However, you may find a problem if you want to go to toilet. There are still limited toilets here, which might be a problem for some people including you.

That’s all the tourism place about Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta e can inform to you, our beloved readers. Hopefully the recreation place about Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta above can be useful. (visit other article in : Perkembangan Sistem Pemerintahan Indonesia)

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