Giving and Responding Prohibition

Giving Prohibition

  Giving and Responding Prohibition. Do you still remember my previous article entitled “Giving Instruction and Its Response”? If you so, now let’s expanse our speaking skill by understanding another article entitled “Giving and Responding Prohibition”. Actually this article is just another way of expressing Instruction in negative form. However, it will discuss about some ways of expressing negative instruction or commonly called Prohibition.

 Giving prohibition is the way of giving instruction to someone not to do something. Prohibition function is to forbid or prevent someone from doing something. There are some ways to make prohibition expressions

  1. By using the pattern Don’t + Verb 1


Don’t disturb!

Don’t open the door!

Don’t leave me alone!


  1. By using the pattern Don’t be + Adjective


Don’t be noisy!

Don’t be late!

Don’t be shy!


  1. By using the pattern Don’t be + Adverb


Don’t be here!

Don’t be there!

Don’t be on Monday!


  1. By using the pattern No + Verb-ing


No smoking.

No parking.

No swimming.


And to respond those prohibition can be as follow

All right

I won’t



Of course



Example in dialogue

Dialogue 1

Rizal       : “Excuse me, Mom. I should go for school now.”

Mother : “Yes. Don’t be late at school honey.”

Rizal       : “I won’t, Mom.

Dialogue 2

Teacher : “Please all the girls, bring your sewing kits with you on Monday.

We will learn to sew. Don’t forget to bring some clothes too.”

Students  : Of course, Sir.

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