Generic Structure of Notice Text

Generic Structure of Notice Text

Generic Structure of Notice Text

        As we know there are many kinds of Short Functional Text. One of them is Notice Text so in this occasion I want to share about Generic Structure of Notice Text. In this material I will share about definition, purpose, generic structure, linguistic or language feature kinds and examples of notice text. (also read : Generic Structure of News Item Text)

Now let’s go to the material Generic Structure of Notice Text.

Definition of Notice Text

        Notice / caution is a form of functional Text used as instruction or guidance to someone doing or not doing something.

        Notice / caution may be in the form of phrases (combination of words), clause (Sentence), or an image / mark / sign.

        Notice or is short and simple information addressed to someone else. Notice should be easily understood and easy to read, so usually notice or notification always using simple words, written in a simple, and large font. And it is usually placed in public places. Notice can also be signs.

The Purpose of Notice Text

There are many function or purpose of Notice text, they are used:

  • To give an instruction / to instruct people to….
  • To give information / to inform people to….
  • To give direction
  • To ask people to….
  • To advice/to suggest / to recommend people to….
  • To remind people to….
  • To warn / to give warning
  • To ban / to forbid / to prohibit people to…

        Because of the above functions, that’s why in the notice, people use a simple word with a simple font which is written in a placard or notice board.

Generic Structure of Notice Text

  • Attention gather (optional)
  • Information
  • Closure (optional)

Linguistic (Language) feature of Notice Text

  • Using Imperative mood (imperative sentence)
  • Using Declarative reference
  • Not necessarily sequenced in time
  • Spoken / written language features
  • Kinds of Notice and their examples

There are some types of notice, they are:


Keep The Door Closed
Slow Down
Keep the Room Clean


CAUTION wet floor
CAUTION Hot Surface


For Staff Only
Rest Area
Bike Route


Pedestrians Prohibited
No Smoking
No Parking
Don’t littering


Warning High Voltage
Warning Keep Out Of Children Reach
Beware of Pickpockets

        That’s all about Generic Structure of Notice Text I can share in this edition. Hopefully the post about Generic Structure of Notice Text above can be useful for us to increase our English. (also read : Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition Text)

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