Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

 One more material of studying kind of texts we will discuss, it is about the Generic Structure of Descriptive Text. However, in this material, we will also discuss the definition, the purpose, the language features, and the example of Descriptive Text. (Also read another article at : Definition and Purpose of Procedure Text)

Definition of Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text is a text that describes a particular person, thing (animal, plant, another thing) or place.

The purpose or Social Function of Descriptive Text

It has been mentioned in the meaning above so the purpose of Descriptive Text is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

  1. Identification => in the first paragraph, the purpose is to identify an object that you want to describe. The identification function is to introduce to the reader about the object that we are going to explain before we tell about the object in more detail in the next paragraph.
  2. Description => in the second paragraph and so on contains the properties that are attached to something that you have introduced to the reader in the first paragraph, such as shape, size, or physical appearance and characteristics.

Language Features of Descriptive Text

  • Focusing on a specific person, place, or thing

A specific participant has a certain object, is not common and unique (only one). for example Sanur beach, my room, Prambanan temple, aunt Paula.

  • Using Adjective

The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun (noun) for example, be used for the following expression: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place in Jepara, etc. (Also read another article at : Teknik Start Berdiri Dalam Lomba Lari)

  • Using Present Tense

Use the present tense sentence patterns simple sentence patterns used are simple present for telling the facts of object descriptions. (Also read another article at : Coffee May Help You Live Longer)

  • Using Action Verbs

Action verbs, there are verbs that show an activity (the activity can be seen), for example, run, sleep, walk, cut, etc.

Example of Descriptive Text

Example 1

My Friend’s New Shoes

I have a close friend. She is beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She always wants to be a trendsetter of the day. She always pays much attention to her appearance. Recently, she bought a new stylist foot legs from blowfish shoe products. These shoes really match her.

Her new blowfish women’s shoes are wonderful. When she is walking on those shoes, all her friends, including me watch and admire that she has the most suitable shoes on her physical appearance. The style, bright color, and brand represent her as a smart woman of the day. She really has a perfect appearance.

She is really mad about those shoes. She said that the products covered all genders. The blowfish men’s shoes are as elegant as she has. The products provide varieties of choice. Ballet, casual, boot athletic shoes are designed in an attractive way. The products are international trader mark and become the hottest trend. (Also read another article at : Mentari Menusuk Pagi Kelabu)

Example 2

My Favorite Room

My favorite room in the whole world is my own bedroom in my parents’ house.

It has everything that I want in this life: a comfortable bed that faces a wide window on the east side of the room. So, when I wake up in the morning and wipe the window curtain, the light of sunrise enters the room little by little, creates a beautiful silhouette, and warms the whole room. In the right corner of the room near the window, there’s a study desk that was once my father’s. Next to that desk, there’s a white wardrobe where I put all of my clothes.

In front of the wardrobe, on the other side of the room, there’s a yellow bookshelf where I put half of my book collection. I choose the color yellow so it matches the color of my bedroom wall. Next to the bookshelf, I have a dressing table. And next to that dressing table is where I put my guitar. It’s a fifteen-year-old guitar but it still sounds great and I love it so much.

       That’s all the material of reading text about The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text we can share. Hopefully, the material of The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text above will be useful for understanding our English, especially reading text. (Also read another article at : Soal Seni Rupa Tiga Dimensi)

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