Function of Present Continuous Tense

Function of Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense

Function of Present Continuous Tense

       Present continuous Tense is also called Present Progressive Tense. We use the present continuous tense to show we are in the middle of an activity that is in progress at this moment. The activity started in the past and will go on in the future. (Also read : Explanation about Present Perfect Tense)

Example: I am praying.

      So when we use the present continuous tense we are talking about something that is still not yet finished or complete at the time of speaking.


( + ) Subject + am/is/are + Ving

             They are playing football.

( – )  Subject + am/is/are + not + Ving

             They are not playing football.

( ? ) Am/Is/Are + Subject + Ving

             Are they playing football?


The present continuous is used to talk about present situations.

  • It is used to describe an action that is going on at this moment.


      We are using the Internet.

      He is studying English grammar.

  • It is also used to describe an action that is going on during this period of time or a trend.


      Is he still working for the same office?

      More and more people are becoming vegetarian.

  • It is also to describe an action or event in the future, which has already been planned or prepared. (Also read other article at : Ciri Ciri Tumbuhan Monokotil)


      We’re going on holiday tomorrow.

      I’m meeting my boyfriend tonight.

      Are they visiting you next rainy season?

  • It is also used to describe a temporary event or situation.


      She usually plays the violin, but he’s playing bass guitar                 tonight.

     The weather forecast was good, but it’s raining at the                    moment.


Other examples based on its function of Present Continuous Tense

In these examples, the action is taking place at the time of speaking.

  • It’s raining.
  • Who is Kate talking to on the phone?
  • Look,somebody is trying to steal that man’s wallet.
  • I am not looking. My eyes are closed tightly.

In these examples, the action is true at the present time but we don’t think it will be true in the long term.

  • I’m looking for a new apartment.
  • He’s thinking about leaving his job.
  • They’reconsidering making an appeal against the judgment.
  • Are you getting enough sleep?

In these examples, the action is at a definite point in the future and it has already been arranged. (Also read other article at : Arti Sebuah Pengalaman Yang Suram)

  • I’m meeting her at 6.30.
  • They aren’t arriving until Tuesday.
  • We’ re having a special dinner at a top restaurant for all the senior managers.
  • Isn’t he coming to the dinner?

Time Signal for Present Continuous

  • Then
  • now
  • right now
  • at present
  • at this moment
  • today
  • still
  • this morning
  • this afternoon
  • this evening
  • tonight
  • tomorrow
  • next week
  • next moth
  • next years
  • this holiday
  • this weekend
  • soon


  • The smartphone is ringing now. Pick it up, please!
  • This evening I am writing this blog while my wife is washing clothes.
  • We are not studying WordPress this morning.
  • am not discussing blog with my colleagues at the moment.

       That’s all the post about Function of Present Continuous Tense we ca share for this occasion. We hope the post above can be useful. (Also read other article at : Soal Pengaruh Keunggulan Lokasi terhadap Kolonialisme Barat di Indonesia)

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