Function of Ordinal Number

Function of Ordinal Number

Function of Ordinal Number

Function of Ordinal Number

        As we know the previous post entitled “Difference between Cardinal and Ordinal Number that the Function of Ordinal Number is to show (tell) about the position or order of something or someone in a list or an order or a distribution, in this occasion we want to share about the function of ordinal number by implementing in daily usage. (Also read : The Origin of the Name Indonesia)

Before implementing the function of ordinal number, below is list of some Ordinal Numbers

1st = first

2nd = second

3rd = third

4th = fourth

5th = fifth

6th = sixth

7th = seventh

8th = eighth

9th = ninth

10th = tenth

11th =eleventh

12th = twelfth

13th = thirteenth

14th = fourteenth

15th = fifteenth


16th = sixteenth

17th = seventeenth

18th = eighteenth

19th = nineteenth

20th = twentieth

21st = twenty first

22nd = twenty second

23rd = twenty third

24th = twenty fourth

. . .  = . . . . . .

30th = thirtieth

31st = thirty first

32nd = thirty second

. . .  = . . . . . .

40th = fortieth


41st = forty first

. . .  = . . . . .

50th = fiftieth

60th = sixtieth

70th = seventieth

80th = eightieth

90th = ninetieth

100th = one hundredth

105th = one hundred fifth

200th = two hundredth

268th = two hundred sixth eighth

1000th = one thousandth

1000000th = one millionth

. . . etc.

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Some implantation of function of ordinal number in sentences:

This is my first time I join a music class.

I want to give the second question for you.

Her son got the seventh rank in his class.

She will be your third client.

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This is for the second time I meet you.

The tenth position was fair for Indonesian team.

He was the fourteenth person to win the award.

He went to Mecca for the third time this year.

Next month will be the seventy first Indonesian Independence.

        That’s all about the ordinal number in implementation usage in sentences we can post. Hopefully the share about the ordinal number above can be useful for improving our English. (Also read other article at : UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2)

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