Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion

Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion

Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion

        In this session we want to share a poem about Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion. However, before sharing about Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion, let’s pay attention of the following Verse of Quran.

“Say (O Muhammad), “I am not different from other messengers. I have no idea what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is revealed to me (Quran). I am no more than a profound warner.” (QS. Al-Ahqaf : 9).

        From the verse of Quran above, clearly we can see that Allah SWT asks prophet Muhammad to follow only the Qur’an, so if he followed only the Qur’an then to follow him means we have to follow only the Qur’an. Those who follow other things than the Qur’an aren’t following prophet Muhammad SAW.

        And now is the time for us to muse the poem entitled “Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion” (see: Allah the Most Merciful)

Below is the poem Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion

Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion

In the Name of Allah begin every action 
Obey, serve and worship Allah with devotion 
Offer Shalat with humility an attention, 
Read the Qur’an with understanding and comprehension.

Strive in Allah’s way with Qur’anic inspiration 
Let Allah’s pleasure be our only aspiration 
And success in the Hereafter, 
Be our sole ambition.

Memorize Qur’anic quotations 
Engage in Dhikr and Soul-Purification 
Do Da’wah with wisdom, 
Beautiful preaching and graceful persuasion.

There is no time now to relax 
That we may Insya Allah do in Paradise perhaps 
Now be more concerned with earning Sawaab, 
And maintain all norms of Hijaab.

In Religion there is no compulsion 
At stake is your own Salvation 
For the Truth stands out from error, 
Make sure you do not regret later.

On the basis of color, wealth, or region 
Let there be no distinction 
In the Muslim Ummah let there be no division, 
In the Qur’an will you find such injunctions.

Let us be One Strong United Brotherhood 
Concerned about each others’ welfare and good 
Offering the needy and orphans food, 
Over losses do not brood.

We follow the ways of beloved Prophet Muhammad 
Sallallahu alaihi wasallam 
Allah’s Last and Final Messenger 
The Most Sublime of all humans 
The Most Exalted in Character.

We follow his Sunnah and Guidance 
And do not cause on earth mischief or nuisance 
Islam is a Religion of Peace 
It’s Attraction and Glory will never cease.

Do adopt the Islamic Way of Life 
Be faithful to your husband or wife 
In writing put all your contracts and agreements 
Honor and keep all your promises and commitments.

Life after death is a certainty 
Do not treat this life with laxity 
Do not indulge in frivolous gaiety 
And shun all obscenity and vulgarity.

Islam recommends virtues 
Such as Honesty, Chastity and Charity 
Do good deeds with sincerity 
Almighty Willing you may attain eternal felicity.

On usury and interest there is prohibition 
On trade there is blessing and divine sanction 
Be honest and fair, 
In every transaction.

Islam is here to reign supreme 
However much the musriks may scheme 
This is neither utopia nor dream, 
Righteous Muslims will emerge as the Victorious Team.

Allah’s Oneness to all we proclaim 
We seek neither wealth nor any fame 
Allah’s Pleasure is our only aim 
Glorified be His Name, 
May He save us from deeds of shame 
And from hell’s fire and flame.

Aamiin! Yaa arhamar raahimiin.

        That’s all the poem I can share about Follow Muhammad SAW worship Allah with Devotion. Hopefully the poem above can make our worship to Allah be Istiqomah. (also see: EVERYONE WILL BE BACK TO ALLAH)

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