Flatus of Abu Nawas

Flatus of Abu Nawas

Flatus of Abu Nawas

Flatus of Abu Nawas

        Once upon a time there was a poor man lived in the village of Persia. His name was Abu Nawas. Although he was poor but he was very kind and smart. Because of his smartness, the king Harun Al Rasyid liked him, however, he used to call him to the castle because he wanted to trap Abu Nawas with his curious questions. (also read : Abunawas and the Gate guardian)

        One day, the king ordered his soldiers to go to Abu Nawas’ house to ask him come to his palace. When Abu Nawas arrived, the king smiled and told about his disease.

        “Hi Abu, you should help me. I always get a stomachache lately; my medical men said that I have got a wind attack” said the King.

        “My pardon Majesty, what should I do for helping you??? Said Abu Nawas.

        “I would like you to catch the wind because it disturbs me and bring it to in prison” reply the King.

        Abu Nawas then didn’t talk any words. He didn’t think the way how to catch the wind but he was thinking how to prove that he really caught the wind. Wind can’t be seen; it was different with water or other things could be seen although water had no color. (Also read other article at : I Leave My Heart In Lebanon Seri 3)

        When the King knew Abu Nawas in his bewilderment, he said to Abu Nawas: “Abu, I only give you three days to do it.”

        Soon Abu Nawas returned to his home and though what he had to do. He was a clever man, so that he wasn’t sad just because of this problem. Two days passed and Abu Nawas still didn’t find any way how to catch the wind and bring it in prison. The next day was the deadline for him and he was restless because he didn’t find a solution. He couldn’t sleep well because this problem.

        The day of deadline came and he was surrender if the King gave him a punishment. Because he still didn’t find any way for it, he just submitted to the king’s fate. He walked to the palace and suddenly on the way he remembered something. He remembered about Aladdin and his magic lamp.

        “I think an elf can’t be seen?” he asked himself

        For this he got an idea; he jumped up and returned to his house happily. At home he soon prepared anything to bring to the palace. When he arrived in front of the palace gate, the guards let him enter because the King had been waiting for him.

        “Have you done what I ask to catch and bring the wind to in prison, Abu?” asked the King curiously.

        “Yes Your majesty, I have done your command” replied Abu Nawas while giving a bottle to the King. (Also read other article at : Belajar Memahami Arti Kehidupan)

        The King received that bottle and said “Where is the wind that you have caught Abu Nawas?”

        “It is inside the bottle, majesty” said Abu Nawas.

        “But I don’t see anything inside” reply the King.

        “I beg your Pardon, majesty, basically we can’t see the wind but if you really want to know it, you must open the bottle tub” explained Abu Nawas.

        When the bottle had opened, the King found a bad smelt from it.  It was Abu Nawas’s flatus.

        “What a bad smell! What is it Abu Nawas?” said the King angrily.

        “I beg your Pardon, majesty, I have flatus and sent it to the bottle. I am afraid if the wind goes out so that I sent my flatus in the bottle to make the wind being unconscious and I have prison it into the bottle” said Abu Nawas frightened.

        For his reason about The Flatus of Abu Nawas, finally the King didn’t get angry to him. And then the King gave him much money and gold for his cleverness.

        That’s all about the story of The Flatus of Abu Nawas. ((Also read other article at : UAS Penjaskes Semester Ganjil Kelas 6 Bagian 1)


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