Fierce Lion and Frog

Fierce Lion and Frog

Fierce Lion and Frog

Fierce Lion and Frog

       Once upon a time there was a fierce lion living in the dense forest. He was the king of the forest. The Lion was the King of the forest. He had a strong and powerful voice and he roared to please himself and scare other animals. All the animals were scared of him. He also knew every corner of the forest and every animal and every sound in it. (Also read : Mouse Deer and Stupid Crocodile)

       In the middle of the forest there was a pond. The lion used to come in this pond every time he felt thirsty. This was his daily routine. The Lion would drink water and sleep there for some time, every day.

       One day the lion was very thirsty so he decided to go to the pond. When came to the pond, he directly drank water. After the Lion finished drinking water, he decided to lay down by the pond. As his eyes were closing, he heard a sound. This sound had never been heard by him before. He was disturbed because of the hollow and croaky sound. He opened his eyes, but he was unable to see anyone! Then, the same sound was coming again, and again, and again. It made the lion trembled in fear. (Also read other article at : Comfortable House Place for Settlement)

       “What is it? Is it a ghost?”

       The sound was continuously coming from the pond. After some time, a Frog crawled out of the pond and croaked. The lion saw and made sure that the sound came from a frog. The lion became angry that he had been scared out of his wits by a frog, so small creature.

       The angry lion roared at the frog and the frog was frightened. He jumped onto the frog and tore it into pieces with his claws. How poor was the frog! it never croaked again. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Proses Terjadinya Petir)

The END story of the Fierce Lion and Frog

       That’s all the story of the Fierce Lion and Frog we can share for this occasion. We hope the story about the Fierce Lion and Frog above can entertain us and we can also catch the moral value of the story. (Also read other article at : Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP)

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