Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

      Once upon a time in the sky, there was a big feast. All the birds were invited to a feast by the God of sky. Tortoise, a clever animal, heard the news about the great feast. As it felt hungry, it began to plan how it would travel to the sky. (Also read : Smart Parakeet King)

      Tortoise went to the birds’ home and it asked if it could go with them. The birds agreed and every bird gave it a feather, by receiving the feathers, it made a pair of wings for the tortoise.

      The day the feast came, tortoise was flying in the middle of the birds’ cycle and they were having journey to the sky. (Also read other article at : True Friend Will Not Run Away)

      Finally, the birds and tortoise arrived at the party. The God of the sky invited the birds to eat the delicious food they had prepared, but then tortoise asked, “Whom have you prepared this feast for?”

      “For you all, because you are special animals,” replied the God of the sky.

      Tortoise then turned in the birds and said, “Remember that I am the most special animal, because I am the only one of tortoises who can fly. You will eat after me.”

      The birds waited it angrily as tortoise ate and drank most of the feast. Then they came forward to eat, but a few of them were still being angry after eating. Before flying home, each bird took back the feather from the tortoise had lent un-notice. So, tortoise stood full of food and drink, but without any wings to fly home. (Also read other article at : Aku Dalam Pelukan Hujan)

      When the feast was over, birds and tortoise jumped back for going home, but the tortoise was surprised because he lost his wings. So, the Tortoise fell and fell and fell and landed with a great crash on the ground. It was not hurt but its shell broke into pieces. fortunately, there was a good doctor in the neighborhood. Tortoise’s wife sent for him and he collected all the bits of tortoise’s shell and stuck them together. That is why, Tortoise’s shell is not smooth.

      That’s all the story of The Fable of Tortoise and Birds we can share for this occasion. Hopefully we can take the moral value from the story of The Fable of Tortoise and Birds above. (Also read other article at : Uji Coba Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris)

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