Expression to Conduct Praying Before Lesson

Expression to Conduct Praying

        Expression to conduct praying before lesson. It is very important for teachers to educate the students not only have high level of knowledge but also high level in religion. For this we usually ask our students in turn to conduct praying before we start our lesson in the first period of our classroom teaching and learning. It is not only the responsible of the class captain, but also all the students in the classroom.

        In order they can conduct to pray, here we give some examples of the expressions to conduct praying before the lesson starts in the classroom.

        There are many expressions can be used to conduct praying before starting the lesson, they are;

  • Okay my friends, before start the lesson, Let’s pray to Allah. Pray start!
  • Before start our lesson, Let’s pray together. Pray start!
  • Before the lesson begin, Let’s pray based on our religion. Pray start!
  • Before the lesson begins. Let us pray according to each of religion. Pray start
  • For our lesson, please pray together. Pray start!

(And all the students are praying by hearts or loudly voice)

  • Finish!
  • Finish praying!
  • Prayer finish!

In the praying progress, it can be added to show our grateful to Allah by saying;

Yaa Allah …

Thank you for today. Help us to focus our hearts and minds now on what we are about to learn.

Yaa Allah …

Thank you for ways in which you provide for us all. For Your protection and love we thank you. Inspire us by Your Holy Spirit as we listen and write.

Yaa Allah …

Guide us by your eternal light as we discover more about the world around us.


Hopefully it will be useful.

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