Expression of Praise

Expression of Praise

        Expression of Praise. Praise is something desired by everyone. They will be happy if they get a praise. We can give praise to someone who deserve it. For those who are married, praise can be given to a husband or a wife or children.

         If we get a praise, so we will feel happy because we got the attention of the person. Praise can be given by action or by words. If by action, we can give a gift to that person.

        Whereas, if we want to give a praise by using words, so we can use expression of praise through the following discussion.

        Expression of Praise can be interpreted as a strong expression as a form of approval or admiration for someone for something. Expressions of praise can be given to anyone and this is a form of admiration for someone or something.

        To praise someone or something, we can use some expressions like the following:


That’s an amazing film!

I’m proud of …

What a wonderful!


Nice assignment, …

Your motorcycle is fantastic

You’re excellent!

I really like …

I love …

You look beautiful

You look lovely

Nice shirt

Your dress is beautiful


Thanks. That’s very nice of you

I’m glad you like it.

You are just saying that …

Thank you

It is nice of you to say …

I’m glad you like it.

Oh, come on

Thank for saying that

It’s kind of you to say that

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks. Do you really think so?

Thank you very much. It’s nice of you to say so


Dialogue 1

One day, Lala was attending reunion of acceleration. She wore mini dress.

Bety : hi! How are you?

Lala :  Fine, and you?

Bety : just like what you see.

Lala : your dress is beautifull.

Bety : thanks. Do you really think so?

Lala : Yeah, Why not? You look so beautifull

Bety : Thank you.

Dialogue 2

Today is the first day for Nanda’s work in the company. She was scare if she looks ugly with her coat.

Veny  : Why do you look so clumsy?

Nanda : hmm… I just feel that I look ugly with this coat.

Veny  : No, you are not! You look beautiful with that coat.

Nanda  : Really? How about my hair?

Veny  : Come on! You have to go now or you’re late.

Nanda  : But am I looking good?

Veny  : Yeah! Now, you have to go.

Nanda  : Okay, thank you my dear. It’s nice of you to say so.

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