Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response

 Expression of Hope or Wish and Its ResponseExpression of Hope or Wish and Its Response

        One more speaking material we want to share. It is Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response. In this material of Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response, we are going to discuss about the Expression of Hope or Wish, the response of Hope or Wish and examples Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response.

Below is the material of Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response:

Expression of Hope or Wish

        Hope and wish are the expressions about expectation that someone want something to happen.


        Hope is the expression of someone want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might or the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best:


I’m hoping for an interview next week.

She’s hoping (that) she won’t be away too long.

I hope (that) she’ll win.

We have to hope and pray (that) the operation will go well.

They hope to visit us next year.

It’s good news, I hope.

“Will you be at the meeting tomorrow?” “I hope not/so”.


        Wish is the expression of someone’s feeling that one would like to have or do something or to see something happen; a desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.


We wish you a “Merry Ied-Al-Fitr.”

We wish you a “Merry Christmas.”

They wish him “Happy Birthday.”

Wish me luck!

I wish to speak to your manager (Here wish acts like a command)

I hope to speak to your manager. (This implies that you would like to speak to the manager, but you understand that it might not be possible).

I wish to see your boss right away.

We don’t have a table available right now. Do you wish to wait?

If you wish to have more information, please let me know.

Response of Hope and Wish

        There some expression can be implemented as response of hope and wish, they are:

Thank you

Thanks a lot

Thank for your hope

Thank for your wish

That’s good idea

God bless us

Examples in Dialogue of Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response:

Dialogue 1:

Robby: Hello Anna, will you come to Rita’s house tonight?

Anna: I am afraid I can’t.

Robby: Why? Do you wanna go to with your boyfriend.

Anna: No, my father is sick. I have to make sure that somebody can take him care before I go.

Robby: I am so sorry to hear that and I hope your father gets better as soon as possible.

Anna: Thank for your hope.

Robby: You’re welcome Anna.

Dialogue 2:

(on the phone)

Ratih: Why don’t you come to my house for my birthday party.

Helsa: I’m so sorry because I should study hard.

Ratih: Really? Will you have a test tomorrow?

Helsa: Yes, and it will be mathematics test.

Ratih: Ok. Have a good study! I wish your success.

Helsa: God bless us.

Dialogue 3:

Danar: What I really want is to have a car.

Handy: Buy it now. Your father is a rich man. You’d be easy to ask a car.

Danar: No. I don’t want. I wish I can buy it by my money.

Handy: I don’t believe you can do that.

Danar I will prove it. Next year this dream will come true.

Handy: Yeah, I wish.

Dialogue 4:

Andin: Tomorrow my little brother will celebrate his birthday.

Bondan: Good. I hope he has a nice birthday party.

Andin: Thank you. You should come.

Bondan: I am sorry; I can’t go anywhere tomorrow.

Andin: Do you have a job in your home?

Bondan: Yes, there will be my cousin and my mother ask me to take him care.

Andin: Oh I see. Ok no problem.

        That’s all about Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response we can share. From the information about Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response above we know that the usage of hope and wish are almost the same. However, there are some differences both of them. For discussing the difference between hope and wish Insya Allah will be discuss from another post in category Grammar.

        Hopefully this discussion about Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response will be useful.

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