Expression of Giving Appreciation

Expression of Giving Appreciation

Expression of Giving Appreciation

      There are many expressions we can use when we want to appreciate someone’s achievement or we feel gratitude towards someone. This could include thanking someone for a gift, a favor, or just being a friend. And in this occasion we’d like to give some Expression of Giving Appreciation of someone’s achievement. (Also read : Question and Answer of Interview)

Here are some common Expression of Giving Appreciation:

  • Very good!
  • Good job!
  • Brilliant job!
  • Perfect!
  • I truly appreciate your…
  • I appreciate what you did.
  • You have my gratitude
  • We appreciate your innovative thinking.
  • We are so fortunate to have an innovator like you.
  • Thanks
  • Thank you
  • I am so grateful for…
  • I am indebted to you
  • Dinner was delicious
  • I appreciate you
  • You are an inspiration
  • I am grateful
  • You are a blessing
  • You are a true friend
  • You’re great
  • This is great
  • You light up my life
  • Sincere thanks
  • You’re the best
  • You make me happy
  • You’ve been very helpful
  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • You are one of the most generous people I know.
  • Are there no limits to your generosity?
  • You are so thoughtful and generous in your gift giving.
  • Thank you for the delightful gift.
  • You must have read my mind, because your gift is exactly what I wanted.
  • You picked the perfect gift for me.
  • Thanks for being so thoughtful.
  • Your gift means a lot to me.
  • If you could see my face right now, you’d see a look of gratitude.
  • Thank you for showering me with gifts for the baby.
  • You made my birthday a special day.
  • I am grateful for you and your generosity.
  • Thanks for thinking of me; you made my day.

Response of Expression of someone’s Appreciation

Below are some expressions we can use when someone appreciate us: (Also read other material in Indonesian version at : Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang Berbakti pada Orang Tua)

  • Don’t mention it
  • It was my pleasure
  • You’re welcome
  • No big deal
  • I am glad that I can help you
  • My pleasure
  • Forget it
  • That’s what friends are
  • It’s all right
  • Yaps, never mind.
  • It’s a pleasure
  • That’s all right
  • Etc.

Example in dialogue

Ratih : happy birthday to you Rara. This flower is special gift that I can give to you

Rara : I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ratih : It’s a pleasure.

      That’s all the speaking material about Expression of Giving Appreciation we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about Expression of Giving Appreciation above can help us to improve our speaking skill. (Also read other article at : Problems that occur in the modern world)

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