Expression of Compliment and Its Response

Expression of Compliment

       Expression of Compliment and Its Response. It is wise for us to give praise to someone on her / his general appearance, or if we notice something new about the person’s appearance, or when we visit someone’s house for the first time, or when other people do their best. The expression to give praise is called Compliment. So Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express or give praise.

Generally we use expression of compliment by formulating:

How + Adjective + Noun


How clever you are!

How delicious food!

How perfect performance!


What + a + Adjective + Noun


What a beautiful picture!

What a clever boy!

What a big room!

       However actually there are other expressions can be used as compliment, and below are some expressions of compliment and its response.





That’s nice!

That’s not bad!


Pretty good!

Good grades!


Nice work!

Good job!

You look great!

You look very nice!

You look beautiful!

You look handsome!

I really must express my admiration for your dance

Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.

Thank you but really isn’t anything special.

Thank you. Yours is even nicer.

I’m glad you like it.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, thanks


I will

Thanks a lot

It is nothing

Example of dialog compliment :

Virly     : Rosy, This is cake for you. I made it   by  myself .

Sosy       : Wow! What a delicious cake! Thank you Virly.

Virly     : I’m glad you like it.

Randy : “Hello, Lani. How are you doing?”

Jaelani : “I’m very well, thanks. What about you?”

Randy: “Pretty good, Pals. By the way I heard from Jim that you won the English competition last week.”

Jaelani: “Yes, I did.”

Randy: “That was awesome man. Excellent!

Jaelani : “Thank you. Would you want some ice cream? I’ll treat you.”

Randy: “It sounds good. Let’s go.”

Jaelani : “Yeah, come on. Let’s go.”

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