Expression and Response of Admiration

Expression and Response of Admiration

Expression and Response of Admiration

      Before discussing Expression and Response of Admiration and also its examples, it is better for us to know the meaning of admiration and the way to express admiration so that we have a basic knowledge about admiration. (also study : Expression and Response of Surprise)

Definition of Admiration

Admiration is the feeling of admiring someone or something. Or it is the act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure.

The way to express Admiration 

There are two ways to express an admiration, they are by using “How” and “What”. And then what words or phrases we must use if we use HOW or WHAT to express admiration? To answer this question, we can study the following information

We use “How” by adding adjective after the word “How” (HOW + ADJECTIVE)


  • How beautiful
  • How clever   
  • How dare

We use “What” by adding Noun after the word “What”. However, its noun should be modified by article “A”, adjective and Noun (WHAT + A + ADJECTIVE + NOUN)


  • What a beautiful girl
  • What a clever student
  • How a dare boy

Sometimes, we can omit “How” or “What” to express admiration.


  • Great!
  • Marvelous!
  • Fantastic!
  • Wonderful place!

Now let’s go on the Expression and Response of Admiration:

Expression of Admiration

Below are some expressions used in admiration:

  • How beautiful it is!
  • How kind she is!
  • How wonderful!
  • How marvelous!
  • Etc.
  • What a beautiful painting!
  • What a lovely flower arrangement!
  • What a clever student!
  • What a lovely drawing!
  • What a beautiful flower!
  • What a kind lady!
  • Etc.

Response of Admiration

  • Thank you!
  • That’s right.
  • You must be kiddy.
  • You’re absolutely right.
  • Etc.

Examples in Dialogue

Dialogue 1

Andry : Hi Rendy, where are you going to ?

    Rendy : I’m going to Mardy’s party

    Andry : me too. Wow, what a great man you look!

               your jacket suits make you look more handsome. 

     Rendy :  Thank you. you look so lovely too.

               your trouser is very funky

    Andry : you are welcome

    Rendy : let’s go now

    Andry : all right.

Dialogue 2

Tina     : Look Mom! How big that plane is!

Mother: Yes, that’s right. Father told me that it was also comfortable.

Tina      : Will it take us to Bali ?

Mother: I think so.

Dialogue 3

Sandy and Ranty were having dinner at the restaurant near the beach.

Sandy: Wow, what a beautiful scenery it is!

Ranty: Yes, you are right. How romantic place it is! Is not it?

Sandy: Yes, it is. You’re absolutely right Ranty! It is a great place with wonderful beach!

Ranty: Hha … how excited were you tell it! Yes, indeed. No wonder many people who come here. Is not it?

Sandy: Yeah, right. By the way, are you hungry?

Ranty: Yes, absolutely right.

Sandy: Well, then, will I order food for you.

Ranty: Ok, thanks.

      That’s all the post about Expression and Response of Admiration we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about Expression and Response of Admiration above can be useful to improve our English, especially our speaking skill. (also study : EXPRESSION OF BELIEF AND DISBELIEF)

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