Example of Speech about Narcotics

Example of Speech about Narcotics

Example of Speech about Narcotics

      As we know, not everyone can write a speech with his own hands, there are some people who can even make speeches because they often hear and see people make a speech. If you are one of them, maybe a post about Example of Speech about Narcotics is able to help you to improve your ability in speech. (Also read : Conversation about Opening an account at the Bank)

Below is an example of speech about Narcotics that it can be used to improve our speech skill: 

      First of all,let’s  say our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT. Shalawat and Salam may everlastingly,be upon our adoration and shinning model, namely prophet MUHAMMAD SAW,all of his families,companions,and followers.

            Drugs is a term that is so popular in Indonesia and the world. in Indonesia, we know drugs as Narkoba which stand for Narcotic, psychotropic, and addictive. drugs are commonly we known is shabu and ecstasy. both substance widely by middle and high school students.however,many adults also consume it,because we often see in the television that adults are arrested by the police because they were using ecstasy.

            Drug manufaturers realize that consumer do not like the expensive price.therefore,in order to promote the drug wider,than a lot of low-heroin,it has lower-priced,and many also give the death effect to the drug user.

      A study conducted by the ILO on the international labor organization said that about 4 percent of drug users in Indonesia is a juvenile under the age of 17 years.it is a fact that we should ponder. Indonesia is a big country and has the potency to become a developed country.but how Indonesia can be a developed country if its young people use drugs?????? (Also read other article at : Revolution of Leader)

      All the facts that I have given you, have shown that the drug is very close to the lives of us especially the young people..when you have a teenager,than pay attention to their physical and spiritual needs as well..never give them the opportunity to use drugs.

      Those are the facts and the suggestions that I can tell,I apologize if there are mistakes in speaking. Thank you for you attention.

      That’s all our post about an Example of Speech about Narcotics we can share in this occasion. Hopefully the example of speech above can help us to improve our ability to have speech skill. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Fungsi dan Rumus Modal WOULD)

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