Everything Will Return to Allah

Everything Will Return to Allah

       Everything Will Return to Allah. Everything in the world is from Allah and of course they will return to Allah. Nothing can avoid from Allah. And we are also created by Allah so we have to be back to Allah as the owner of us, so for this we have to be responsible everything in the world when we face to Allah. Below is a poetry about my confession that I am from Allah and I will return to Allah.

Everything Will Return to Allah

Yaa Allah ……….
If love Is captivation
Capture me with love to You
So no more can capture me, beside You

Yaa Rohman
If love is a sacrifice
Grow intention of all my sacrifice
My sincerity solely just for You
So that I willingly accept whatever Your decision

Yaa Rohim ……….
If feeling longing is pain
Which there is no estuary
Fill my pain with feeling longing to You
And make my death as my meeting estuary with You

Yaa Robbii ……….
If feeling dear is something dazzle
Tie me With Your charm
So that I always I feel peace
When spoken gratitude of Favor from You

If love is happiness
Which there is no brim
Grow happiness in my life
When I present something for You

Yaa Rohman ……….
My heart is Just For one Love
If I cannot fill with love to You
Where will I hide my face from You?

Yaa Rohim ………
The world that You spread is very wide
As if the wild which I cannot penetrate
In A dark dark night
For not getting lost in my climb

Yaa Robbii …….
Give Footwear to me so that the way I pass Feels Favors
Although it full of acute rocks and sharp thorns
I am aware that all in the word is Yours
And If later You’re willing
Everything will return to You
I give all my life to You.

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