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Everything I Do for Love

Everything I Do for Love

Everything I Do for Love

      Love is something unique. Someone may be going to do something crazy because of love. For this we want to share some quotes about Everything I Do for Love, love for everyone, our prophet Muhammad, SAW and of course love to Allah. (also read : Everything about Honesty Love and Success)

Below are some quotes about Everything I Do for Love:

  1. All I wanted was someone to care for me. All I wanted was someone who would be there for me. All I ever wanted was someone who would be true. All I ever wanted was someone like You
  2. One day you may ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will say: my life… You will walk away from me without knowing that you are my life!
  3. I believe that God created you for me to love. He picked you out from all the rest cause He knew I’d love you the best!
  4. If I went somewhere far, I’d write your name on every star so everyone could look up and see you mean the world to me.
  5. All I care about is being with you forever.
  6. All the gold and diamond in the world are not enough to buy the love I have for you.
  7. God created you for just for me.
  8. I am addicted to your love.
  9. I am mad of you.
  10. I cannot live without you.
  11. I cannot stop thinking about you.
  12. I did not mean to hurt your feelings.
  13. I do not want to wake up from this wonderful dream with you.
  14. I feel safe when I am with you.
  15. I get lost in ecstasy when you make love to me.
  16. I have finally discovered true love – you.
  17. I love talking to you.
  18. I love the way you make love to me.
  19. I miss your smile and care when we are apart.
  20. I thank God for the day he brought you into my life.
  21. I want to spend forever with you.
  22. I will give anything to be with you.
  23. I will give you my heart, my body, and my soul.
  24. I will go with you to the ends of the world as long as you keep loving me.
  25. I will rather brake than trade your love for a million dollars.
  26. I will travel a thousand miles to be with you.
  27. I wish God had brought you to me sooner.
  28. If anything happens to you, I will go crazy.
  29. If I could I would make love to you a thousand times.
  30. If I had to live life over again, I would live it with you.
  31. If loving you is a sin, then let me be guilty.
  32. If our love is blind, then I never want it to see the light of day.
  33. Life without you will be like going to sleep and never having sweet dreams.
  34. Loving you feels like heaven.
  35. Loving you has made life even sweeter.
  36. Loving you has made my life so full of joy and happiness.
  37. My heart cries when we are apart.
  38. You are my love, my heart, and my life.
  39. No man has loved me the way you love me.
  40. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.

      That’s all some quotes about Everything I Do for Love we can share for this occasion. We hope that the quotes about Everything I Do for Love above can be useful for us. (read other article in Indonesian version at : Menuju Pelabuhan Hidup Abadi)

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