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Everyday Wise Motivation Words

Everyday Wise Motivation Words

Everyday Wise Motivation Words

      There are many Everyday Wise Motivation Words we find in our daily life. Some of them we will share in this occasion are about Everyday Wise Motivation Words that they can be used as our spirit or motivation for applying in our daily life.

Below are some Everyday Wise Motivation Words

  • “A beautiful woman is not always having an appeal.”
  • “Anger, resentment, and hatred are the destroyer of your fortune today.” (Also read : Education is Spreading Civilization)
  • “A young person who will be successful is never give up before get the success on his hand.”
  • “Be a young who love parents and fears God.”
  • “Choose a woman who is able to work hard and do not choose a woman who just can sue your life.”
  • “Competition is so tiring, but we will be left behind if does not participate in the competition.”
  • “Do a kindness right now.”
  • “Do not focus about other people’s opinions, but only focus of our revenue.”
  • “Feeling inferior is a sign that you do not deserve to your current condition.”
  • “Forget the failures, but always remember a lesson from every failure you got.”
  • “God will never give you a problem which bigger than your ability.”
  • “If you lose be patient. If you win, stay humble.”
  • “If you love someone, do not make her cry even though only a few minutes.”
  • “Industrious people certainly beat those smart even though in a long time.”
  •  “Jealousy is a sign that love should have each other.”
  • “Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody.”
  • “Patience is needed when you want to achieve a success.”
  • “People who are not useful will have a lot of useless talk.”
  • “Poverty is not a shameful thing, but laziness and pessimism are exactly embarrassing.”
  • “Reality is not always in line with expectations. So, prepare yourself to face the poor reality.”
  • “Receiving your beloved without complaining is a sign that you are grateful to God.”
  • “Sincere is an invaluable wealth.”
  • “Speak politely, then people will respect you.”
  • “Stop looking for reasons why you are poor. Instead, try to find on how to be rich.”
  • “Success is an achievement. While, struggling is a must.” (Also read other article at : Meritorious Service to Success)
  • “The big happiness is a collection of the long time struggle.”
  • “The determiner of the future is only you and not your parents or siblings.”
  • “The higher your position, the more responsibility you have.”
  • “The past is not always as the way you want, but the future can be designed as you like.”
  • “The real friends are those who continue to accompany you even when you do not have anything.”
  • “Use your youth as good as possible.”
  • “When you have a lot of desires, you must involve a lot of action.”
  • “You cannot live without love.”
  • “Your eyes can see the things clearly. But with your heart, you can see the truth even without eyes.

      That’s all the post about Everyday Wise Motivation Words we can share in this occasion. Hopefully the article about Everyday Wise Motivation Words above can be useful for us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Rumus Volume Bola dan Contoh Soal)

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