Escape from Airplane Accident

Escape from Airplane Accident

Escape from Airplane Accident

Escape from Airplane Accident

      Holidays would be going on June, it was summer vacation. Jazlyn and Deana would spend their holidays to go for recreation in Bali. They prepared everything they needed. They were in hurry for catching the plane flight. (Also read : Little Boy and Apple Tree)

      “Deana, hurry up!” shouted Jazlyn, her twin, “we are going to be late”. “Coming!” yelled Deana as she ran down the stairs. Deana and Jazlyn hopped on the taxi, and went to the airport.

      “The G344 flight to Bali, Indonesia will soon depart, passengers please alight to gate 3”, the announced the airport officials. Deana and Jazlyn went pass security check and got on the plane.

      It was a very smooth, calm, and very peaceful ride that day, well, they thought it was that way. (Also read other article at : Simplicity of Love)

      “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we will reach our destination in 25 minutes, due to complicated weather, we apologize for the inconvenience this might cause”. Announced the co pilot.

      “Jazlyn, want some Pocky?” said Deana as she offered Jazlyn those delicious snacks. Jazlyn just nodded

      Suddenly, the plane’s wing broke. “Passengers, this is your captain, please wear the masks we provide as we proceed for emergency landing, please wear your seat belts and stay seated, this goes for all crews” yelled the co pilot from speaker. They panicked, the plane crashed.

      When Deana and Jazlyn woke up, they could only see what appears to be the pilots and some of the flight attendants. Deana’s left leg was hurt really bad, but she could still walk, while both of Jazlyn’s shoulders were hurt pretty badly. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Operasi Hitung Aljabar)

      After the crew woke up, they began to investigate the scene, and were shocked to find out that they were the only survivors. Deana, Jazlyn, and the plane crew walked, Because Deana was sure they would reach a village or at least a hut if they followed the river. They walked for ten days, just consuming river water, with no food at all.

      They finally reached a small town, where they were treated, and brought back to their home town. As soon as they got there, Deana and Jazlyn’s parents hug them tightly, they were glad that their children survived from Airplane Accident.

The End the Story of Escape from Airplane Accident

      That’s all the story of Deana and Jazlyn’s Escape from Airplane Accident we can share for this occasion. We hope the story above can amuse us and we can get the moral value of the story. (Also read other article at : Kamus Ungkapan Cewek)

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