Difference between Descriptive and Report Text

Difference between Descriptive and Report Text

Difference between Descriptive and Report Text

       When studying about text, especially those who are studying about the types of texts, namely descriptive text and report text, sometimes they have difficulty distinguishing both those texts, when in fact there are some differences between descriptive text and report text. To help our students understand those differences, we will share English material about the Difference between Descriptive and Report Text. (Also read: Report Text About Pigeon)

These are the Difference between Descriptive and Report Text :

Descriptive Text

To describe thing in specific/ detail

Generic Structure   : 1. Identification 2. Description in parts or each characteristic

Using Action Verb (Active Voice)

Report Text

to describe thing in general

Generic Structure   : 1. Identification (General classification )2. Description part per part (in general)

Introducing group or general aspect

Example of Descriptive Text:

My Parrot

       I have a parrot named Bejo. Bejo is a parrot that is very active and agile. My parrot has a very dark black color and yellow beak. At the back of the head there are parts such as yellow combs.

       My parrot love to imitate sound. He can imitate general, how are you, there are a guests, and much more. Bejo is a very tame bird. He does not like peck human. When there are people who approached him, he would jump up and down happily. (Also read other articles at : Dancing Around Beautiful Blue Sea)

Example Text Report


       Bird is vertebrate animals that have feathers and wings. Birds are the only vertebrate animals which can fly. Birds have thousands of species that spread across the world starting from the smallest birds such as Hummingbird and the largest birds such as the Ostrich. Although birds are the only vertebrates that can fly, there are many ways that cannot fly like chickens, penguins and ostriches.

       Its body is covered by which have diverse functions and colors. Bird’s beak has also many different forms adapted to their food. For example, falcons have powerful beaks and sharp used for tearing shredding while hummingbird has a small beak and long used for sucking honey. (Also read other articles at : Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Malioboro)

       From the two examples of the text above, namely the Example of Descriptive text and Example of report text, we know that both them are describing about “BIRD”, but there are main differences. In the example of the descriptive text “My Parrot”, it  means a parrot I have with description in specific or in detail. Whereas in the example of report text “BIRDS” (Bird) which contains an explanation of birds in general.

       That’s all our brief explanation about the Difference between Descriptive and Report Text we can share in this occasion. We hope our explanation Difference between Descriptive and Report Text above can be useful, especially for those who are learning about Descriptive Text and Report Text. (Also read other articles at: PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester Ganjil)

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