Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo

Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo

Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo

Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo

       One more material of Functional Text we want to share. It is about Memo. In this case we want to share about the definition of Memo, its purpose, generic structure and of course by giving examples. ( Also read : Explanation about Procedure Text)

Definition of Memo

            A memo is a letter form that is written in a succinct, crisp and clear way that is addressed to a person. Usually the Memo content directly states the intent of the sender, without using parts of the contents of other letters such as, opening greetings, and greetings cover.

The Purpose of Memo

       The purpose of Memo is to communicate important things such as a policy change, instruction to conduct a meeting, instruction to do something, direction about something to get done immediately crucial message etc.

Generic Structure of Memo

The Memo consists of several parts (structures) of memo, among others, as follows:  

Addressee (Receiver)

Recipient of the message, the part to whom we write the memo, and where the recipient of the message is.


The contents of the message, the core part of the message regarding things that should be known and done immediately by the receiver.


The sender of the message, the part that explains who the sender of the memo message is. ( Also read other article at : Tutorial How to Use Pashmina Hijab)

Characteristics of Memo

Memos have some features, here are the characteristics of memo features:

  • Notes delivered should be clear and continuous to the intent Please complete with reference number, date, case, signature and so on.
  • In general, the characteristics that exist in writing an official letter can also be applied in writing memos. It is different from the official letter because it is less formal, more concise and has a copy to it
  • The memo is also not bound by any form such as an official letter. The memo may be written in form and may also be in the form of a letter. ( Also read other article at : Sejarah Negara Brunei Darussalam)

Examples of Memo

Here are some examples of official and unofficial memos, the general distinction between official and unofficial memos is the language used and the memo maker it self

Production Corporation

Surabaya, Indonesia


To : All Employees

From : Ricardo Smith, Manager

Date : January 16th, 2020

Subject : Farewell Ceremony


We will held a farewell ceremony for John Doe, Assistant Manager. The ceremony will be held at 09.00 A.M on January 18th, 2020. All employees are required to attend the ceremony.


Best regard,


Ricardo Smith

To: Paulina

From: Mother


Paulina,  I have called you several times but you did not answer it. Please cook some foods for your father if you already arrive at home. All of the materials are in the refrigerator. Take it carefully. I go to grandma’s house and will be home late. Call me if you have any question.

       That’s all the post about the Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post about the Definition Purpose and Generic Structure of Memo above can be useful for increasing our knowledge about Memo. ( Also read other article at : Soal PAS Prakarya dan KWU Kelas 12 Semester 1)

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