Definition and Purpose of Review Text

Definition and Purpose of Review Text

Definition and Purpose of Review Text, Definition

Definition and Purpose of Review Text

 One more material of studying kind of texts we will discuss, it is about Definition and Purpose of Review Text. However, in this material, we will also the generic structure and the language features, and the example of Text Text. (Also read another article at : The Purpose and Example of News Item Text)

Definition of Review Text

Review text is a text consists of an evaluation of a publication, such as a movie (movie review), video game, musical composition, book (book review), a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, a play, musical theatre show or dance show.

The purpose or Social Function of Review Text

Review text is used to:

  • critic the events or artworks for the reader or listener, such as movies, shows, books, and others.
  • critique or evaluate an artwork or event for a public audience.

Generic Structure of Review Text

Actually, the generic structure of Review Text does not have to be exactly the same as mentioned below, however, for the reason of “summarizing” the lesson, so the three or four generic structure below just become general description about the structure in the review text.

  • Orientation/Introduction: General information of the text.
  • Evaluation: Concluding statement: Judgment, opinion, or recommendation. It can consist of more than one.
  • Interpretative Recount: Summary of artworks including character and plot.
  • Summary: The last opinion consists of the appraisal or the punch line of the artworks being criticized.

Language Features of Review Text

  1. Using the present tense
  2. Focus on specific participants
  3. Using adjectives form examples like ad, good, valuable, etc.
  4. Using long and complex clauses
  5. Using metaphor (in Indonesia it’s called Majas/Pengandaian)
  6. (Also read another article at : Sejarah Singkat Negara Laos)

Example of Review Text

Example 1

The Maze Runner


Maze Runner is a movie that is adapted from James Dashner’s novel with the same name. This movie tells us about a group of people who tried to get out of a place called Glade, but they need to go through the maze which has a dangerous creature called Grievers.


This movie tells about a boy named Thomas, who wakes up inside an underground service elevator with no memory of his identity. A group of male youths greets him in a large grassy area called the Glade that is enclosed by tall, stone walls. Every month, a new boy and supplies arrive in the elevator.

The boys, called Gladers, have formed a rudimentary society with each assuming specialized tasks, they have been in the Glade for about three years.

Alby, their leader and the first to arrive in the Glade, says every boy eventually recalls his name, but none remember their past. The boy learns that a vast Maze surrounding the Glade may provide the only way out. During the day, designated Runners search the Maze for an escape route, returning before nightfall when the entrance closes. No one has ever survived a night inside the Maze.

Then, the condition of the Glade starting to change when a female named Teresa comes as the last person in the Glade. One day, the leader Alby gets stung by a Griever. Then Thomas replaces Alby’s place as the runner and he becomes Minho’s partner. The two of them then try to find the way out from the maze.


The acting of all the casts is awesome. The development of the character is also good. But, the movie would be more alive if there is a romance scene. Because, as we know that romance is often caught the audience’s attention.


I think this movie is a great science-fiction movie. The movie shows us how to fight for life. The movie also shows that we can live with any races. For example, are Minho and Alby. So, this movie is good for anyone to watch. (Also read another article at : How to Edit Photo Peach Filter with Lightroom)

Example 2

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel


Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is a product of a famous skincare brand from South Korea. The texture of the gel is thick and the color is clear green. This product can be applied on your skin for various purposes such as moisturizing sleeping pack, a base for your Makeup, aftershave remedy, hair gel/hair treatment, eye mask, sunburn treatment, nail essence, and also as a lotion for your whole body.

This product contains an extract from aloe vera leaf, alcohol, and spearmint extract. It can easily be found in many online shops and also marketplace on the internet with the price of around 100 to 150 thousand rupiahs.


The initial package of the product is a round bowl made of thick plastic with a tight cap on top of it. The color of the package is green. There are two large round stickers containing the name of the product and also the elements or ingredients of the product on the cap and on the bottom of the package.

The initial package contains 300 ml of the aloe vera gel. Currently, this product is also available in the form of a tube which contains 250 ml of the gel.


The original package of the product is too large to be brought on a trip, but we can solve it by having the tube version instead of the bowl version. The description of the product on the sticker is in Korean, so it may not be friendly for users from other countries such as Indonesia.

The texture of the gel allows us to use just a few of it every time we want to apply it to our skin, so it is very economical. The combination of alcohol and also spearmint extract has made the fragrance of aloe vera from the gel to be strong, it may be relaxing and fresh for some users but may also be uncomfortable for others.


This product is very good for our skin, it can help us to nourish our skin so we can have beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin. The price may seem expensive, but as we only need to take a small amount of it when we use it, it is going to be worth it. Users with sensitive skin may want to be careful in using the product because it contains alcohol.

       That’s all I can share about The Definition and Purpose of Review Text we can share. Hopefully, the material of The Definition and Purpose of Review Text above will be useful for understanding our English. (Also read another article at : UNBK Matematika SMP)

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