Definition and Function of Short Message Text

Definition and Function of Short Message Text

Definition and Function of Short Message Text

Definition and Function of Short Message Text

      There some kinds of Functional text. One of them is Short Message. And for this kind of functional text, in this occasion we want to share about Short Message’s definition and function. However, although the title is “Definition and Function of Short Message Text”, we will discuss about the definition, function or purpose, generic structure and some examples of Short Message, so let’s go to the material. (Also read : Kinds of Narrative Text)

Definition of Short Message

Short Message is a brief text message sent to convey something to others that the person is doing or not doing something.

Short message text is written piece information that you send/leave to another person.

Function of Short Message

The Function of Short Message is to send an important message to other people, friend, or family.  (Also read other article at : Chasing Knowledge at beloved School)

Generic Structure of Short Message

The Generic Structure of Short Message is at least it consists of three elements as below:

  1. Receiver

To whom the message is sent for. Write down the name of receiver if it is needed.

  1. Content

The content of short message usually consists of intention of message from the sender

  1. Sender

The name or phone number of sender can be mentioned or not is depended of its needed.

Examples of Short Message

Example 1

Dear Ayu,

How are you? Here is some information you’ll need. The examinations will be held soon, starting from 2 June. Calculators and dictionaries are not allowed. Lateness is four days. Don’t forget to bring your examination card. (Also read other article at : Fungsi dan Rumus Future Tense)

See you soon,

Take care.



Example 2

From : +62815556148

Just to inform you that the meeting is cancelled for tomorrow Mon,23 May at 10 a.m. as the principal will arrive from Singapore tonight.

Example 3

Rani, sorry I can’t come to your house tonight to do the wall magazine project as we had planned. My grandma has just come and wants me to accompany her to my aunt’s house. I will meet you at school tomorrow.


      That’s all the post of functional text about Definition and Function of Short Message Text we can share to our beloved readers. We hope that the post above can improve our knowledge about functional text, especially about Short Message Text. (Also read other article at : Contoh Soal Uji Coba UNBK Bahasa Inggris)

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