Damar Wulan Versus Minak Jinggo

Damar Wulan Versus Minak Jinggo
The Legend of Damar Wulan Part 2

       Damar Wulan Versus Minak Jinggo. The Legend of Damar Wulan Part 2. Meanwhile at that time the kingdom of Majapahit faced a very serious problem because of the rebellion of Minak Jinggo. He was a half-brother of the Kecono Wungu Queen. He was a prince of Majapahit and a highly respected general of the Majapahit army. For his great achievement for his country his father appointed him as the ruler for the kingdom of Blambangan, a vassal state under Majapahit. When his father passed away he was sure that he would become the successor. But he was very disappointed when his father appointed his sister instead. He thought that he was more capable than Kencono Wungu so he rebelled.

       Minak Jinggo proved to be a good general. Under his leadership, the Blambangan army could win several battles with Majapahit army. The territory of Majapahit one by one fell to Blambangan. At the time the morale of the Majapahit army was already down. They were not sure that they could win the war. So every day the queen and the prime minister met to discuss the worsening situation. Some weeks went by but still they did not have any ideas to solve the problem. Every report they received about the war was only about the defeat of the Majapahit army.

       One night Prime Minister Logender had a good idea to solve his problem after meditating at midnight. His problem was actually about the affair between Damar Wulan and Dewi Anjasmoro. He really wanted to separate Damar Wulan from his daughter Dewi Anjasmoro. Early in the morning he went to the palace and asked the queen for an audience. Then he explained his plan.

       “Your Majesty, last night I had an idea”

        “Tell me about it.”

‘     Our army could not win because we apply a wrong strategy. The Blambangan army is very good at a frontal open warfare like that.  Furthermore, our army’s morale is now down. So we have to avoid open warfare. Since now on we have to launch a new tactics of secret operation. We must send a small army unit to kill Minak Jinggo secretly’

        “Who will do that?”

       “I have a body guard. His skill in martial art is excellent. He is very capable at individual fight. So he is ready for this duty. I am sure he is the right person”

       “OK, I think you are right. Send him as soon as possible to Blambangan. If he can do his job well I will give him great reward”

       When Logender got home he called Damar Wulan immediately. He asked him about his martial art skill. Damar Wulan said he had mastered some fighting skill. His father had trained him “Pencak Silat”, the Indonesian martial art. As a result, he was very skillful at using sword, lance, as well as empty hand fighting technique. Then Logender asked him to fight both Layang Seto and Layang Kumitir. Both of them fought emotionally since they hated Damar Wulan very much. But Damar Wulan was smart, skillful, strong and tough. In just several minutes he could beat both of them without difficulty. Logender was angry but also satisfied since he found a way to get rid of both problems – his home and his country.

       “Damar Wulan, you are a great fighter. I am very proud of you. And that’s why you will receive a great honor to fight for your country. Now there is a rebellion in Majapahit. The king of Blambangan has done a crime. His name is Minak Jinggo. Find him in his palace in Blambangan and kill him. Are you ready?”

       “I am ready any time Sir”

       “Good. Today you have to prepare everything and tomorrow you must leave for Blambangan secretly. Do not tell anyone about this duty. Not even Anjasmoro. Don’t be afraid because the Majapahit army will fully support you. They will back you and provide all your needs. When you can kill Minak Jinggo, cut his head off and bring his head here. If you can do this job well you will be promoted to a high position as the commander of Majapahit army”

       “Yes, Sir. I am very glad to receive this order. I will do my best.”

       The next day, very early in the morning Damar Wulan left Majapahit alone. Meanwhile Prime Minister Logender had implemented his own plan.  He prepared a small army unit under the leadership of his two sons. They went behind Damar Wulan in a distant so that Damar Wulan did not notice them. They went secretly so no one knew it. Their task was not to protect Damar Wulan but to kill him and seize the head of Minak Jinggo if he could kill Minak  Jinggo. But if Damar Wulan was killed then they had nothing to do.

       Several days later Damar Wulan arrived in Blambangan. The Majapahit army kept on spying on him. They were surprised to see Damar Wulan did not directly attack the palace. He applied for a job instead. Once again he was accepted to work in the palace to take care of the horses. Everybody including Minak Jinggo King liked him because he was very polite and he did his job well. He was also very handsome that two of the king’s wife of Minak Jinggo fell in love with him. They were Wahita and Puyengan.

       As everybody trusted him, it was easy for Damar Wulan to search the palace. He knew where Minak Jinggo lived. One night he secretly jumped the palace wall to kill the king. Finally, he was inside the king’s bedroom. But unfortunately the king was ready to welcome him. A small army unit was there to arrest him. He was no match for Minak Jinggo. But Minak Jinggo was a smart person. He did not kill Damar Wulan instantly. He wanted to gather information from him. So he ordered his guards.

       “Don’t kill him. Let him alive, treat him well. I will question him tomorrow.”

       He ordered his men to treat him well. He even let Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan to see Damar Wulan. By doing so he hoped that Damar Wulan would give him valuable information. But Damar Wulan was also a smart person. He dated Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan and he asked them the way to kill Minak Jinggo. Since the two women loved Damar Wulan, they revealed a secret.

       “Nobody can hurt him. He is a tough guy and he is protected by god. God gave him a secret weapon called Wesi Kuning.”

       “That’s a golden amulet. It is just a small amulet, as small as a thumb but it is very powerful. Its shape is like a stick. It is stored in his bedroom.”

       “He is a dangerous man. We have to stop him. Could you help me find his amulet?”

        “I will help you if you marry me.”

       “Sure I will marry both of you as soon as I can arrest him”

       When their turn to amuse the king arrived Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan could get into the king’s chamber. They used that opportunity to steal the amulet.  Then they gave it to Damar Wulan. Minak Jinggo did not realize their conspiracy. When the night was very quiet they opened the door for Damar Wulan. There was a fight but it was too late for Minak Jinggo. The sudden attack did not give him much chance to survive. Consequently, Damar Wulan could beat his enemy and Minak Jinggo was beheaded.

      Damar Wulan immediately wanted to leave Blambangan palace that night while promising Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan to be back after he received the reward.

       The next day on the way for returning to Majapahit kingdom, but on the way to Majapahit, Damar Wulan was intercepted by Layang Seta and Layang Kumitir. They were the sons Patih Logender. Apparently, they were secretly followed Damar Wulan to Blambangan. When viewed Damar Wulan defeated Minak Jinggo, they would seize the head of Minak Jinggo to be recognized as the winner of the contest.

       “Hi, Damar Wulan! Give it to us Minak Jinggo head! “Cried Layang Seta.”

       Damar Wulan of course refused the request. The fight was inevitable. Layang Seta and Layang Kumitir attachted Damar Wulan and seized Minak Jinggo’s head. By carrying the head of Minak Jinggo, they went to the Majapahit Kingdom. By the time they wanted to dedicate it to the Majapahit Queen. When they came to the palace, they showed the head of Minak Jinggo to the queen and they said that they had killed Minak Jinggo themselves. but suddenly Damar Wulan came in and immediately conveyed the truth.

       “Please, Your Majesty! They have been lying. Actually I have been successfully doing a good job for killing Minak Jinggo. However, in the middle of the road, suddenly Layang Seta and Layang Kumitir hailed me and snatched it from my hands., “reported Damar Wulan.

       “Please, Your Majesty! Damar Wulan lies. We are the ones who beheaded Minak Jinggo, “protested Layang Seta.

       The quarrel between Damar Wulan and Layang Seto-Layang Kumitir became more heated. They both claim that beheaded Minak Jinggo. Kencana Wungu Quen became confused. She could not define which of them is right. So, as a way out, she called on both sides to fight.

       “Come on, you do not have to quarrel anymore!” Said Kencana Wungu Queen, “Now I want to have clear evidence. You have to fight, who will be the winner who must surely have been destroyed Minak Jinggo.”

       Eventually, they do for fighting. In this fight, Damar Wulan was more cautious of the two sons of Logender Prime Minister. He had to prove to the queen that he was right. Similarly, Layang Seta and Layang Kumitir did not want their lies uncovered in front of the Queen.

       In the presence of the Queen and all the people of Majapahit, the fight was going very exciting. Both of sides put out the whole power of each to win the game. The battle was finally won by Damar Wulan. Layang Seta and Layang Kumitir also admitted their mistake and put them into jail, while Damar Wulan had the right to marry Kencana Wungu Queen and he promoted as a king of Majapahit Kingdom. Kencana Wungu Queen also allowed him to have Dewi Anjasmoro, Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan as his wives.

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  1. That interesting story. I think Damar Wulan is good character. He is honest person and not easy to give up. He is smart, too. That’s the one of point for success. I like scene when Damar Wulan, Layang Seta, and Layang Kumitir fight. That scene is exciting although not describe with spread all over. Many education from that story.

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