Damar Wulan and Anjasmoro

Damar Wulan And Anjasmoro

       Damar Wulan and Anjasmoro. The following story is about the Legend of Damar Wulan. However, I will divide the story in two sequels or two parts. They are The Legend of Damar Wulan Part 1 entitled “Damar Wulan and Anjasmoro” and The Legend of Damar Wulan Part 2 entitled “Damar Wulan Versus Minak Jinggo”. Below is the Lehend of Damar Wulan Part 1.

       Once upon a time, there was a baby born in the village of Paluh Amba. It was not far from the capital city of Majapahit. The baby’s name was Damar Wulan. He was the son of Udara, the former prime minister of Majapahit. Damar Wulan’s family live in a quiet and prosperous village outside the capital of Majapahit since his father had retired. Damar was a diligent and smart boy so he could easily learn the lessons his when father taught him. He learned martial art, religion, politics, and literature. He was very good at all those subjects. His father was very proud of him. When his father thought that he was mature enough, he asked Damar Wulan to leave the village for finding job in Majapahit Kingdom. He told Damar Wulan to apply for a job at the Prime Minister’s office. He hoped that his close relation with the new prime minister would help him get the prime minister’s attention. Furthermore, Damar Wulan was a smart boy so his father was sure Damar Wulan was capable to do any job.

       Early morning, Damar Wulan left his village to go to Majapahit Kingdom. He was very confident that he would get a good position at the prime minister’s office. At midday he got to Majapahit Kingdom and he directly went to the prime minister’s house. The Prime Minister’s name was Logender. The guards sarcastically questioned him when he told them to meet the prime minister.

       “I am Damar Wulan. I am the son of the former prime minister Udara. My father told me to see the prime minister here.”

       “If you think you can impress us by telling us about your father, you are completely wrong poor boy. The son of a prime minister would never go anywhere on foot.”

       “But, that’s true. My father told me to find job here.”

    “Listen poor boy, the prime minister is a very busy person. He does not have time for job seeker like you. But if you need a job, there is a vacant position here. Let me report my chief.”

       Then the soldier reported to his superior. After that someone called Damar Wulan to get into the commander’s chamber. He told Damar Wulan that the prime minister’s office needed several boys to take care of the horses. Damar Wulan was surprised because he expected clerical job but then he accepted the offer. Since that day he lived in a simple hut behind the prime minister’s house.

     Damar Wulan did a good job so his superior was satisfied with him. He was also very sociable. Soon he had a good relationship with the prime minister and his family. The prime minister had two sons. They were Layang Seto and Layang  Kumitir and a daughter. Her name was Dewi Anjasmoro. His sons were very arrogant and lazy. They treated Damar Wulan cruelly. They wanted Damar Wulan to do whatever they want. Everybody hated them but nobody dared to express their feeling.  Dewi Anjasmoro, on the other hand, liked Damar Wulan very much. Gradually she fell in love to Damar Wulan. So did Damar Wulan. They had a secret love. When Layang Seto and Layang Kumitir knew what happened to Damar Wulan and Dewi Anjasmoro, they were very angry. They reported about Anjasmoro’s affair to their mother. And Layang Seto and Layang  Kumitir treated Damar Wulan more and more cruelly.

       Prime Minister Logender was shocked when his wife reported to him about the affair of Anjasmoro and Damar Wulan. For a highly respected person like him, it was a very serious blow to his ego. He was a very respectable person while his daughter dated with a poor boy. It was a serious humiliation. He could not accept it. This fact made him very angry. He wanted to separate Dewi Anjasmoro from Damar Wulan. However, Dewi Anjasmoro and Damar Wulan still loved each other.

To Be Continued

For the continuance of the story can be read in Part 2 entitled “Damar Wulan Versus Minak Jinggo

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  1. I really like this story because the story contains a remarkable history and the story is very nice and interesting and I so know what the hell the story of
    Damarwulan and Anjasmoro

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